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Engineering & Computer Science

Help engage students and boost performance with innovative digital learning resources that adapt to the individual learner. Scroll down for more.

Engineering & Computer Science

Help engage students and boost performance with innovative digital learning resources that adapt to the individual learner. Scroll down for more.

Engineering & Computer Science

Help engage students and boost performance with innovative digital learning resources that adapt to the individual learner. Scroll down for more.

Engineering & Computer Science

Help engage students and boost performance with innovative digital learning resources that adapt to the individual learner. Scroll down for more.

Connect Engineering & Computer Science

Whether accessing online homework, quizzes, and tests; studying with the market leading adaptive learning tool; or utilizing an interactive eBook; Connect provides a complete digital solution. Connect’s seamless partnership with the text’s content allows instructors and students to go beyond the print world, and into the digital realm with complete confidence. Explore features available within Connect:

Connect Engineering & Computer Science Features

Connect Overview

Connect strengthens the link between faculty, students and coursework. Watch to learn more.

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As students read and learn, SmartBook assesses their comprehension of the material and actively adapts, guiding them to learn the most difficult concepts. Proven to help students raise grades, SmartBook encourages mastery and long-term retention.


McGraw-Hill Tegrity™ Lecture Capture records and distributes lectures with just a click of a button. Students view lectures anytime, anywhere via computer, tablet, or mobile device. It indexes as it records your presentations and assets displayed on your computer during lecture. Additionally, students can use keywords to find exactly what they need to study.


Connect Reporting

View complete, at-a-glance reports for individual students or the whole class. Generate powerful data related to student performance across learning outcomes, specific topics, level of difficulty and more. Additionally, you can compare student performance in different sections of the course.


Enhance the learning experience and go beyond multiple choice with fully editable customizable auto-graded assignments.



An adaptive study tool proven to strengthen memory recall, increase class retention, and boost grades, LearnSmart enables students to study more efficiently because they are made aware of what they know and don’t know. Real-time reports quickly identify the concepts that require more attention from individual students—or the entire class.


Connect Engineering & Computer Science Titles

Connect 1 Semester Online Access for Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics and Dynamics
11th Edition, By Ferdinand Beer and E. Russell Johnston, Jr. and David Mazurek and Phillip Cornwell and Brian Self

Connect 1-Semester Online Access for Engineering Mechanics Dynamics
2nd Edition, By Michael Plesha and Gary Gray and Francesco Costanzo

Connect 1-Semester Online Access for Engineering Mechanics Statics
2nd Edition, By Michael Plesha and Gary Gray and Francesco Costanzo

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New Edition of Programmable Logic Controllers

The fifth edition of Programmable Logic Controllers provides an up to date introduction to all aspects of PLC programming, installation, and maintaining procedures. Programmable Logic Controllers continue to evolve as new technologies are added to their capabilities. As PLC technology has advanced, so have programming languages and communications capabilities. Today’s PLCs offer faster scan times, space efficient high-density input/output systems, and special interfaces to allow non-traditional devices to be attached directly to the PLC.

Also available with the fifth edition of Programmable Logic Controllers:

  • Connect – an integrated educational platform, that seamlessly joins superior content with enhanced digital tools to deliver precisely what a student needs, when and how they need it

  • SmartBook – the first and only adaptive reading and learning experience designed to change the way students read and learn, by creating a personalized reading experience by highlighting the most impactful concepts a student needs to learn at that moment in time

  • LogixPro Lab Manual

  • Activities Manual

Programmable Logic Controllers


McGraw-Hill Education’s Interactive Assignment Creating & Management System

COSMOS helps the instructor organize, distribute and track problem sets within McGraw-Hill Education textbooks and allows the instructor to assign the problem sets to students in a specific course. With no software to learn, no cumbersome instruction manual, instructors create assignments within seconds with the most effective Interactive Assignment Creation and Management System. Here's what to expect with COMOS:

COSMOS is a complete online solutions manual operating system, designed for instructors to create custom homework, quizzes and tests using the end of chapter problems and the correlating solutions from the McGraw-Hill Education textbook.

Instructors can preview end of chapter problems and solutions, add custom content, edit the supplied problems and solutions, print, save and render assignments for online or email delivery

COSMOS keeps a log of all assignments allowing the instructor to track problems that have already been assigned. This will prevent instructors from using a problem more than once and will assist instructors with the problem of solutions circulating around campus

COSMOS makes it easy for instructors to manage thousands of end-of-chapter questions and solutions through a single screen. Adding Problems to an Assignment is as easy as selecting the desired Problem from the list of Supplier Problems or finding it through the Table of Contents menu. Easily flip between the problem and solution view with the click of a button.

COSMOS is available online through most popular web browsers. Simply click on this link and request access. Access is for instructors only and your request will be quickly reviewed by our staff before approval is granted.

COSMOS is available for these titles.

B.E.S.T for Freshman Engineering

McGraw-Hill Education’s B.E.S.T. (Basic Engineering Series and Tools) consists of modularized texts designed to give beginning engineering students an orientation to the profession of engineering and to teach them certain skills and tools they will need in their other course work. The goal of this series is to provide the educational community with text material that is timely, affordable, of high quality, and flexible in how it is used.

  • Contains more than 300 modules of pertinent content from market-leading textbooks geared for the freshman engineering student.

  • Provides the educational community with quality text material that is timely, affordable, and flexible.

  • Tackles key areas such as: Introduction & Problem Solving, Design Concepts, Computational Tools, Engineering Graphics, Communications, Engineering Management & Economics.

  • Select or modify any of our BEST ExpressBooks.

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Self-Service Customization

McGraw-Hill Create™ is a simple and easy-to-use online service allowing instructors to customize their own course books. Material can be pulled from different sources to create textbooks and eBooks tailored to your course.

Create a book, then download a PDF version in minutes, or receive a free review copy in just a few days!

McGraw-Hill Create™

Full Integration

MH Campus

McGraw-Hill Campus

Simple. Secure. Seamless.

McGraw-Hill Campus integrates all of your McGraw-Hill digital products with your school LMS for quick and easy access to best-in-class content and learning tools. Build an effective digital course, enroll students with ease and discover how powerful digital teaching can be.

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Blackboard Integration

Two LMS Integration Services = One Solution.

McGraw-Hill Higher Education offers two pathways for LMS integration. McGraw-Hill Campus enables seamless access from any LMS in use to all of our content and learning platforms. Blackboard customers may also leverage the McGraw-Hill Connect and Create building block specific to their LMS for the tightest integration available today for Connect and Create users.