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Accessibility informs everything we do. 

Key to our commitment to Education for All is accessibility—creating course materials for diverse learners. In this video, you’ll see how we build accessibility and universal design into everything we do. 

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Bookmark our Support at Every Step site and start prepping your course, building your syllabus, and more.  

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Promoting Academic Integrity

Get tips to promote academic integrity in your course.

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Connection is the key to emotional well-being. Whether it’s your roommates, your family, or members of your favorite fandom, you can flourish when you have people to rely on whenever things get tough. No matter who you are or what issues you’re dealing with, your people are out there—and connecting with them can be life-changing or even life-saving.

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Students get straight to the point with Sharpen.

The Sharpen App provides free access to credible resources that complement the McGraw Hill Connect® and eBook titles. Videos, quizzes, summaries, and more support focused learning for all students.

McGraw Hill Blog

The McGraw Hill Blog is full of content from instructors and students featuring articles written in conjunction with The Jed Foundation, videos, case studies, classroom best practices, and tips for success.

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