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Connect for Psychology

Whether accessing online homework or quizzes, using the adaptive learning diagnostic, or utilizing SmartBook, Connect for Psychology provides a complete digital solution for your classroom. Perfect for any face to face, online, or hybrid class, Connect Psychology provides students a road map for success. Learn more:

Connect for Psychology Features

Connect Overview

Connect strengthens the link between faculty, students and coursework. Watch to learn more.


Available within Connect, SmartBook 2.0 personalizes learning to individual student needs, continually adapting to pinpoint knowledge gaps and focus learning on concepts requiring additional study. For instructors, SmartBook tracks student progress and provides insights that guide teaching strategies and advanced instruction, for a more dynamic class experience.

Power of Process

Interactive Case Studies

Available for Abnormal Psychology, Interactive Case Studies aid students in understanding the complexities of psychological disorders. These assignable and assessable case studies help students recognize and differentiate a variety of disorders.

Faces: Interactive

Available for Abnormal Psychology, Faces: Interactive provides students with an opportunity to observe and interact with real people living with psychological disorders.

A&P Revealed for Psychology

Connect for Psychology Titles

Case Studies

Time Spent Grading Decreases Dramatically with Connect

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Students Take a More Active Role in Their Learning

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Average Grades Rise in a General Psychology Class After Implementing Connect

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Ideas in Psychology

How Student-First Content is Making a Difference in Outcomes

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Milestones: A Longitudinal View of Human Development

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Is There a Link Between Creativity and Mental Health?

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Connect Psychology Podcasts

Time Stamps

  • 2:31 – Operationalizing Critical Thinking
  • 9:45 – What is your ultimate goal for your students with regard to critical thinking?
  • 21:45 – Why does being skeptical come across as being mean?
  • 28:10 – Balancing ‘the flow’ of class with in class opportunities to teach critical thinking
  • 36:15 – Additional in class examples to help build Critical Thinking skills
  • 44:30 – Framing the Replication Crisis through the lens of critical thinking
  • 56:50 – Parting Thoughts


McGraw-Hill Education: Milestones

A groundbreaking longitudinal video series, Milestones is an assignable and assessable feature within Connect Psychology. Tracking the physical, social and emotional development of real children from infancy through adolescence, students experience life as it unfolds.

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Self-Service Customization

McGraw-Hill Create™ is a simple and easy-to-use online service allowing instructors to customize their own course books. Material can be pulled from different sources to create textbooks and eBooks tailored to your course.

Create a book, then download a PDF version in minutes, or receive a free review copy in just a few days!

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McGraw-Hill Campus

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McGraw-Hill Campus integrates all of your McGraw-Hill digital products with your school LMS for quick and easy access to best-in-class content and learning tools. Build an effective digital course, enroll students with ease and discover how powerful digital teaching can be.

Blackboard Integration

Two LMS Integration Services = One Solution.

McGraw-Hill Higher Education offers two pathways for LMS integration. McGraw-Hill Campus enables seamless access from any LMS in use to all of our content and learning platforms. Blackboard customers may also leverage the McGraw-Hill Connect and Create building block specific to their LMS for the tightest integration available today for Connect and Create users.