Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

Creating a Brighter Future for Learners Around the World

Red Cube Cares

As a Learning Science company, our vision is to unlock the full potential of each learner by providing high-quality instructional materials that are intuitive, engaging, efficient and effective – grounded in research. At McGraw Hill, we also give the best of ourselves – within the communities in which we live and work, through our environmentally responsible business practices and in our unwavering commitment to transparency and integrity in all we do. Working together, we are helping to create a brighter future for learners around the world.

Supporting Education and Our Communities (2019 Results)


Managing Our Carbon Footprint

  • We use third-party chain-of-custody forest certification for the paper we purchase directly in the U.S. In 2018, we obtained certification on more than 99 percent of our purchases.
  • We require endorsement of our paper policies by all manufacturing vendors that supply us with paper in the U.S. We do not buy paper that uses fiber from High Conservation Value Forests.
  • We actively manage a global real estate portfolio of offices and warehouses. Since January 2014, we have reduced our footprint by nearly 1.5 million square feet through the implementation of new office design standards and a global warehouse consolidation initiative. Our 139,000 square-foot building in Dubuque, Iowa is Gold LEED certified and exemplifies our long-term commitment to smart environmental construction and real estate management. We also participate in environmentally smart initiatives, such as recycling, landfill avoidance and demand-response programs to help reduce stress on the electrical grids in our communities.

Acting with Transparency & Integrity

  • McGraw Hill and its employees are committed to integrity, honesty, and good faith in all of our dealings. We maintain a Code of Business Ethics (COBE) on which all employees receive training each year. Each employee is required to acknowledge and agree to abide by the COBE annually as a condition of employment.

Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

  • Maintaining a diverse and inclusive work environment is reflected in the core values of McGraw Hill. We rely on the unique perspectives, skills, and backgrounds of our employees to give us a truly global perspective. We're committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity for all employees and applicants for employment. Learn more.