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Connect: Technology that spurs sociological imagination


Connect for Sociology is an easy-to-use learning platform that gives instructors access to tools that help students to think like a sociologist. Use Connect to compliment instruction in your Sociology course and inspire deeper engagement and critical thinking. Tools like “In Their Shoes” and “Applying the Perspectives” are tied to chapter learning objectives and are designed to help bring sociology to life for students.


SmartBook 2.0 personalizes learning to individual student needs, continually adapting to pinpoint knowledge gaps and focus learning on concepts requiring additional study. It helps students better prepare for class time by helping them identify and focus on the concepts they don’t know. For instructors, SmartBook tracks student progress and provides insights that guide teaching strategies and advanced instruction, for a more dynamic class experience.

In Their Shoes

Help students develop their Sociological Imagination with the “In Their Shoes” application-based activities. Students walk through the situation, challenges, and crises in a character’s life. Covering topics such as “Deviance and Social Control,” “Racial and Ethnic Inequality,” and “Socialization and the Life Course,” students explore and navigate life choices.

Applying the Perspectives

In Apply the Perspectives, students examine a problem—global inequality, gender stratification, or family and intimate relationships—from three sociological perspectives and apply their critical thinking skills to align theories with the appropriate perspective.

Power of Process

Power of Process guides students through the process of critical reading, analysis, and writing and allows instructors to assess these skills in an online environment. Select from a preloaded set of classic sociology readings, upload your own reading, or allow students to select and upload reading selections or source materials.


Tie current news stories to key course topics and learning objectives. After interacting with a contemporary news story, students are assessed on their ability to make the connection between real life events and course content.

Connect Insight

Connect Insight offers easy-to-use visual displays of student performance and gradebook data. Quickly track performance across your entire section, all of your assignments, or drill in to find data insights for a specific class, individual student, or particular assignment.

Connect Reports

Save time and gain student insights. Connect provides customizable reports on student performance, learning outcomes, at-risk students, and integrates easily with LMS gradebooks.

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