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Music Fundamentals

American Music


Rock, Pop, and Folk

World Music

Ear Training & Sight Singing

Student Music Stories

"What Music Means to Me." We asked students to share the meaning of music in their lives—tune in to hear their stories.

Connect for Music

Connect for Music incorporates interactive listening assignments and guides, quizzes and video to create an engaging and effective learning environment.

Connect for Music Features

Expand Music Coverage

Introduce students to familiar and new music with a repertoire of works through interactive videos, listening assignments, and a variety of activities aligned to expand your foundational, cultural, and historical music coverage.

Active Listening Guides

Available with Connect, our Music Listening Guides form a listening experience for gaining knowledge about works, identifying them, critically analyzing them, and comparing them. Students can then apply these active listening skills to works they encounter beyond the classroom.

SmartBook 2.0

Available with Connect, SmartBook 2.0 provides each student the opportunity to practice and understand core concepts specific to your course. Engage your students by providing foundational knowledge to develop their active listening skills.

Writing in Music

Writing Assignment Plus is a perfect fit for concert and performance reports. You grade for the things most important to you while we check for grammar and originality. Writing Assignment gives you the power to assess students, sections, courses, and entire writing programs all in one place.

In the Studio

Ideas in Music

In the Studio is a place for instructors and students to find articles that connect current events, news stories, and the real world to the concepts they're covering in the classroom. Discussion questions are included to encourage critical thinking and meaningful conversation in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

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