Basic Engineering Series & Tools
BEST Collection

Affordable and Flexible.
All the content you need for Introduction to Engineering in one place.

The BEST Collection for Introduction to Engineering consists of material designed to orient beginning engineering students to the profession of engineering and teach them the fundamental skills and tools they will need throughout their academic and professional career.

The BEST Collection includes content from seven quality titles all in one place, including the two below titles by Eide, and Holtzapple, allowing you to choose from a variety of topics that align with your specific course.

The content in the BEST Collection spans many topics of pertinent content, providing students with quality material in these key areas:

  • Computational Tools
  • Engineering Fundamentals
  • Technical Writing and Communication

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Arvid Eide, Steven Mickelson, Cheryl Eide, Roland Jenison, Larry Northup
Engineering Fundamentals and Problem Solving, 8e

Principles and Applications of Electrical Engineering

Engineering Fundamentals and Problem Solving presents a complete introduction to the engineering field and remains the most comprehensive textbook for an introductory engineering course. This text helps students develop the skills needed to solve open-ended problems in SI and customary units while presenting solutions in a logical manner. Students are introduced to subject areas, common to engineering disciplines, that require the application of fundamental engineering concepts.

Mark Holtzapple, W. Dan Reece
Foundations of Engineering, 3e

Principles and Applications of Electrical Engineering

The third edition of Foundations of Engineering gives freshman engineering students a solid foundation for all their future coursework. It provides an overview of the engineering profession and the skills they will need to develop, as well as an introduction to fundamental engineering topics such as thermodynamics, rate processes, and Newton's laws.

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