Connect helps you create deeper connections with your students.

Connect is a complete course platform that enables you to take your students further. It supports you by automating time-consuming prep work, simplifying the addition of instructors to any section, and surfacing more information with fewer clicks.

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Higher Test Scores

Students using Connect earned a 7.5% higher test score than non-Connect students.

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Connected Instructors

Instructors have paired Connect with their LMS in the past 12 months.


Time Spent on Teaching

Instructors spend 90% more time on active learning experiences instead of admin tasks when Connect is in use.

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Uptime Rate

Technology you can rely on, so your students stay on pace.

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Student Satisfaction

92% of students said they were satisfied with Connect after using it for a full term according to a McGraw Hill 2022 Student NPS Survey

Student Benefits

With Connect, each of your students can enjoy a personalized digital learning experience designed to help them optimize study time and ramp up their grade potential. They’re able to study effectively using SmartBook 2.0 and connect with their materials anywhere, anytime with the free ReadAnywhere® App. And through Inclusive Access, they gain access to affordable course materials on or before the first day of class.

Adaptive Learning (SmartBook 2.0) s Mobile eBook Access (ReadAnywhere App) s First Day of Class Affordable Course Materials (Inclusive Access) s

Instructor Benefits

Connect helps you deliver a complete, digital course experience that heightens student engagement with the material. Its flexible course design, digital-first vetted content and assessment materials, and easy-to-read analytics & reporting tools ensure best-in-class online learning.

Easy Course Building s Increase Student Engagement s Performance Tracking s Remote Proctoring s LMS Integration s Support at Every Step s

Latest Enhancements

We’re always working to improve your experience so you can get the most out of Connect. See the latest updates we’ve made on our updates page:


“I did an interesting survey with about 125 Microbiology students. I asked them what grade you earned in the class, and what grade do you think you would have earned without Connect? 95% of them believe they earned one letter grade better because of Connect.”

Heidi SmithInstructor, Microbiology

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