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Create More Lightbulb Moments

Every student has different needs and enters your course with varied levels of preparation. ALEKS pinpoints what students already know, what they don’t and, most importantly, what they’re ready to learn next. You can optimize your time to create more student engagement and help students master topics more easily.

Instructor dashboard displays a range of course metrics such as progress toward mastery & what students are ready to learn.

Everyone starts in a different place. With ALEKS, all students have the opportunity to finish at the same place.

ALEKS supports students regardless of race or gender. Rooted in research and analytics, ALEKS ensures improved outcomes, fostering better preparation and increased motivation for all student groups.

More On Our Commitment to Promoting Equity

Meet Adrian, a student at Triton College. Adrian shares how starting in the right place while working in ALEKS gave him the confidence to pursue a STEM degree.

ALEKS Enhances Every Classroom

Prepared to Learn

The more prepared your students are, the more effective your instruction is. Because ALEKS understands the prerequisite skills necessary for mastery, it ensures that students are prepared for any topic presented to them. ALEKS provides personalized practice and guides students to what they need to learn next to gain mastery.

Learn How ALEKS Prepares Students

See ALEKS in Action

We’ve got your students’ backs.

What if just 4–5 hours of work per week actually led to student success? 

With ALEKS, we provide students with personalized learning based on their needs, access to the highest-quality content and a focus on both learning and retaining the material to eliminate failure.

Commitment to Accessibility

We’re committed to developing products that meet or exceed the WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines, so all learners can achieve better outcomes.

ALEKS for math does not rely exclusively on color to convey critical information, so it is fully accessible to students who are colorblind. A full navigational keyboard is an alternative to a mouse and the content does not rely on audio, making it accessible to students with hearing impairments. Students with visual impairments can access ALEKS through the use of screen reader technology and screen magnification when Accessibility Mode is enabled. You can see our full listing of ALEKS math courses that include Accessibility Mode.

Download Accessibility Statement

Contact your learning technology representative or email us at accessibility@mheducation.com to request a VPAT today.

Success Stories

“I was incredibly nervous going into this class after not taking math for several years. I feel like ALEKS has caught on to all of the things I have needed review on and REALLY makes sure that I am learning them.”

Courtney Provence - Student, Linn-Benton Community College

“ALEKS is a powerful online platform that meets students where they are. This approach allows them to progress in a way that makes sense to them. I have always worked so hard to pinpoint the piece of the puzzle the student is missing, ALEKS does this for me allowing me to work smarter in the classroom. ALEKS allows me to be more impactful in the classroom thereby creating a true learning environment.”

Jessica Huffman - Math Program Chair, Ivy Tech

“The key to ALEKS’ success comes right in this Learning Path. ALEKS is here to help you truly master the concept before introducing more on top of it. If you have trouble with a concept, I would recommend writing down the example problem at the start of each concept in your learning path.”

Justice Dunnett - Student, The University of Toledo

“I evaluated many different options, and ALEKS provided, by far, the best cycle of assessment and learning that allows for individualized instructional paths… no other program matches ALEKS.”

Michelle D. - University of Minnesota

“ALEKS pinpoints where each student needs to remediate to be successful in our coreq.  ALEKS’ flexibility and structure saved our coreq!”

Deanne Williams - Dyersburg State CC (TN)

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