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ALEKS is a personalized, adaptive learning experience that supports students at all levels of preparation. Flexible enough to support a variety of course formats, ALEKS integrates assessment and learning to provide a truly optimal experience where students work on material they need, right when they need it.

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Learn why students have an average learning rate of 94% when working in ALEKS’ learning path!

ALEKS supports learning in a variety of environments including traditional courses, prep courses, and corequisites, and can be used alongside or independent of a textbook.

Placement, Preparation, and Learning (PPL)

Students who are successful in their first math course are three times more likely to graduate. Empower students to be successful in this important course by ensuring they are properly placed and prepared. With a unique combination of adaptive assessment and personalized learning, ALEKS Placement, Preparation and Learning (PPL) accurately measures the student’s math foundation and creates a personalized learning module to review and refresh lost knowledge. This allows the student to be placed and successful in the right course, expediting the student’s path to complete their degree.

Connect Math Hosted by ALEKS (CHBA)

Connect Math Hosted by ALEKS is a complete homework system that offers everything students and instructors need in one, intuitive platform. Developed by instructors for instructors to create a seamless transition and integration of text (content) and tech (digital); Connect Math Hosted by ALEKS offers access to author-developed, text-specific assignments, learning resources, videos, and adaptive learning modules.

M.A.T.H. Tips

M.A.T.H. Tips: By Professors, for Professors

Save time and energy with Math Advice for Teaching Higher Education (M.A.T.H.)! By connecting faculty to share best practices, this peer-driven blog addresses the challenges that keep you up at night with ideas and practical tips you can make your own.