Business Communication

Connect for Business Communication

Empower students' workforce readiness skills with Connect for Business Communication, and prepare them for the networked world using the latest proven effective adaptive resources. Connect offers assignable, auto-graded activities proven to increase test scores, retention rates and attendance.

Connect for Business Communication Features

Adaptive Grammar & Writing Practice

Adaptive reading, grammar, writing, and research assignments provide each student a personalized path to learning concepts by continually adapting to the individual, identifying knowledge gaps and focusing on areas where remediation is needed. 

Application-Based Activities

These highly interactive, automatically-graded exercises in Connect provide students a safe space to practice using problem-solving skills to apply their knowledge to realistic scenarios. Each scenario addresses key concepts and skills that students must use to work through and solve course specific problems, resulting in improved critical thinking and relevant workplace skills.

Video Capture Powered by GoReact.

Developing student’s presentation and oral communication skills is essential in preparing them for the business world. Seeing themselves on video, combined with instructor feedback, is the best way for students to develop these skills. Fully integrated into Connect for Business Communication, Video Capture powered by GoReact makes this possible.

Document Makeover Exercises

Students apply chapter concepts to real business documents by first identifying all the errors and then making appropriate edits.

Manager's Hot Seat Video's

These videos put students in the leadership roles where they will use their critical thinking skills to apply the concepts they’ve learned to real-world challenges.


Personalizes learning to individual student needs, continually adapting to pinpoint knowledge gaps and focus learning on concepts requiring additional study. For instructors, SmartBook tracks student progress and provides insights that guide teaching strategies and advanced instruction for a more dynamic class experience. Our adaptive reading experience has been made more personal, accessible, productive, and mobile.

Writing Assignments Plus

Writing Assignment Plus delivers a learning experience that helps students improve their written communication skills and conceptual understanding. Faculty can assign, monitor, grade, and provide feedback on writing projects efficiently. Built-in grammar and writing review help students improve writing quality while an originality check helps students correct potential plagiarism before submission.

Best Practices

Best Practices

Hear from instructors and educators on classroom best practices to that can help you and your students improve performance.