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Student Success

Connect for Student Success

As a learning science company, we create interactive learning content that engages students and supports higher order thinking skills. Click on each tab below to learn how each Connect component helps students prepare for their future by driving a deeper level of understanding and application.

Connect for Student Success Features


Available within Connect, SmartBook 2.0 personalizes learning to individual student needs, continually adapting to pinpoint knowledge gaps and focus learning on concepts requiring additional study. For instructors, SmartBook tracks student progress and provides insights that guide teaching strategies and advanced instruction, for a more dynamic class experience.

Interactive Applications

Interactive Applications stimulate critical thinking and reinforce key concepts as students receive immediate feedback on their work and track their own progress. Students are tasked with "clicking and dragging" elements on the page as they make decisions, categorize, or place elements in a time sequence.

Connect Reports

Save time and gain student insights. Connect provides customizable reports on student performance, learning outcomes, at-risk students, and integrates easily with LMS gradebooks.


Tegrity is a video capture and remote proctoring solution available within Connect that drives student engagement in traditional, flipped, hybrid, or fully online courses.

Self-Reflection Journal Exercises

These exercises encourage students to do self-reflection and consider their personal habits as they pertain to life and college. These are essay style and require manual grading.

Video Animation Exercises

These engaging, brief videos review key topics via whiteboard or other animation. These videos are assignable with corresponding assessment questions to engage students and link concepts to application.

Worksheets and Self-Assessments

Various worksheets and self-assessment exercises are assignable so that students can apply what they have learned and analyze their personal experience or situation.

Application-Based Activities

Mini-simulations to help students apply concepts by putting them in the role of helping a “friend” through a specific challenge.  We currently have 8 mini-sims on topics such as dealing with anxiety, goal setting, tracking your time, preparing for a job interview, etc.  More Application-Based Activities are in development. 

Connect for Student Success Titles

Connect Master

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Students often struggle to connect concepts to application. Connect Master takes students higher, with adaptive questioning and activities that allow them to demonstrate what they know and apply their learning to real-life situations and challenges.

Equity in Action

Equity is one of the greatest challenges in higher education because every student has a different starting point. Listen to how Connect Master Student Success bridges the achievement gap.

Educational Equity and Connect Master Student Success

Student Workshop Video – The Power of Purpose, Passion, and Persistence

As part of the How to Thrive in College & Your Career Student Workshop Series, LaShana Stokes, presents on The Power of Purpose, Passion, and Persistence.

Click the link below to access other workshops in the series.

Prepare – Organize – Work – Evaluate – Rethink = POWER

The POWER framework teaches students the skills needed to succeed in college and careers beyond.

Hear from Dr. Robert Fledman, McGraw-Hill author and Deputy Chancellor UMass Amherst, on his research-based and proven student success approach (P.O.W.E.R):

P.O.W.E.R. Learning: Strategies for Success in College and Life 7th Edition

College Smarter, Not Harder.

Students want to achieve the best grades possible with the limited time they have to study. And McGraw-Hill is here to help them do just that. Connect is a personalized digital learning assistant that makes acing exams, earning better grades, managing time, and getting work done easier, quicker and more convenient than ever.

And McGraw-Hill's HillHacks, a student-focused blog, aims to provide students with tips and ideas on how to be successful both in an outside of the classroom.

See how McGraw-Hill partners with students to provide relevant, useful content to make college smarter, not harder.


Digital Works

Student Trends: Student Survey on Digital Usage

We asked over 1000 students about their use of technology in college learning & studying.

Key Findings:

  • 60% of students feel that digital technology has improved their grades, with a fifth saying it "significantly" improved their grades.
  • More than 61% of students agreed that digital learning technology is extremely or very helpful in preparing for exams.
  • 82% of students reported using laptops for homework assignments, compared to 59% for print materials.
  • Just 35% of students report using smartphones to complete their homework assignments or study for exams.

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Drive engagement and customize your courseware to maximize value - Featuring Create and Open Learning Solutions.

Full Integration

McGraw-Hill Campus

Simple. Secure. Seamless.

McGraw-Hill Campus integrates all of your McGraw-Hill digital products with your school LMS for quick and easy access to best-in-class content and learning tools. Build an effective digital course, enroll students with ease and discover how powerful digital teaching can be.

Blackboard Integration

Two LMS Integration Services = One Solution.

McGraw-Hill Higher Education offers two pathways for LMS integration. McGraw-Hill Campus enables seamless access from any LMS in use to all of our content and learning platforms. Blackboard customers may also leverage the McGraw-Hill Connect and Create building block specific to their LMS for the tightest integration available today for Connect and Create users.