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Open Learning Solutions

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why we offer a consultative approach to successfully identifying, creating, and implementing a tailor-made courseware solution that’s right for you.

Teach your course, your way.

Building Success

Decide the Plan

Achieving your goals starts with smart planning. That’s why we take the time to help you identify your goals, challenges, stakeholders, and timelines. With clearly defined criteria established, you’re well on your way to success. Use the tool below to get started.

Pick the Content

With Open Learning Solutions, you can choose locally authored content, OER, or from a deep library of McGraw Hill content. But don’t stop there. Our solutions also allow for LTI integration and use of award-winning McGraw Hill technologies.

Learn about LTI   See MH Tech

Put It Together

Our OLS architects will help select and guide your content and technology choices keeping in mind your established goals, challenges and objectives. They’ll make sure that the solution reflects pedagogical best practices and delivers the results you need, with access to powerful reporting and at-a-glance information about student performance.

Ensure Success

The creation of your solution is a major milestone, but it’s not the end. We’ll work with you at every step to ensure your faculty is trained and resourced. Our commitment to service and support includes: evaluating how well the solution is addressing your objectives, resolving issues as they arise, and continuously making improvements. All so you can achieve scale and sustainability.

A McGraw Hill Open Learning Solution Was Right for Them. Is It Right for You?

Drive Engagement 

University of Alabama, Music Appreciation course
Bring the narrative to life and make it accessible
A McGraw Hill delivered course solution with…
▪ Casual-voice manuscripts accessible via computer or mobile device
▪ Self-shot videos interjected with the content
▪ Links to ever-current playlists on Spotify®

OER. Yeah, we’re ok with that.

When we say “Open” we mean it. Together, we can bring flat OER content to life through additional content and interactive technologies.

See How to Power Up

Let’s Figure It Out, Together

Once we know more about your program, we can help you decide if Open Learning Solutions is right for you and your students.

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