McGraw Hill Business Program

How do you prepare students for the future when the future changes every day?

Supercharge your students’ readiness

In today’s evolving business landscape, success getting a job goes well beyond the degree. As the market leader in business education, McGraw Hill’s Business Program exists to supercharge your students’ readiness, through college and in preparation for their careers.

McGraw Hill collaborates with companies across the country, seeking input on the knowledge and skills they value most in job candidates. By tailoring learning solutions to the ever-changing needs of employers and long-term trends in technology, society, and the economy, we aim to partner and help build better business students, business schools, and business leaders.


Analytics is an essential skill for today's students

Analytics is everywhere. And understanding it is expected of future business leaders. With solutions for standalone analytics courses and hands-on tools within individual courses, our analytics coverage spans the business curriculum.

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Helping students develop Excel proficiency

Excel is arguably the #1 tool used in business. From teaching the basics of Excel, to activities that help students practice how to use Excel for business analysis and decision-making, McGraw Hill has a scaffolded approach to career-readiness with Excel.

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Critical thinking is the first step in problem-solving

Successful problem-solving results from students practicing how to think on a higher level, interpret data, and make decisions based on that data. Our Business Program presents a variety of applications that enable students to develop this skill and put it into action.

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Good storytelling is good business

Inadequate verbal and written communication skills limit a student’s effectiveness. Analytics without communication is merely data. Communication without understanding is merely words. Our curriculum aims to ensure students are good business storytellers.

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Professional development and teaching tips to enhance your classroom experience.

If recent events have taught us anything, it is that classrooms will and should evolve. It is our great pleasure to be able to connect faculty, knowing that sometimes being the most effective educator means taking the best ideas from others and making them your own. Connect with course or business-specific blogs, podcasts, and event recordings to save you time and fuel your classroom experience.

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We are committed to academic integrity and student equity

McGraw Hill is committed to doing our part to uphold academic integrity and create a more equitable learning environment for every student. By offering a variety of Connect policy settings, refined and vigilant verification and privacy practices, and our proctoring options, our aim is to provide a more level playing field when it comes to truly assessing students’ knowledge.

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Providing certification and credentials resources for students

Providing opportunities for students to prepare for future certification exams or earn credentials to demonstrate specific competencies is just another way McGraw Hill is supporting today’s business students in their future endeavors.

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We serve and support you at every step

Having the right product for your course is paramount, but if it takes too much effort to implement, we haven’t served you well. Connect and SIMnet have received the highest marks for ease of use, and with an experienced team of professionals to support you, we aim to make every part of the experience as seamless as possible. Learn more about the services available to every faculty member who uses one of our products.

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