McGraw Hill &
Online Learning Consortium

McGraw Hill and OLC have partnered to train and certify a team of McGraw Hill staff and faculty consultants in quality online teaching and learning.

OLC-Aligned Courses

In consultation with OLC, our certified consultants have created pre-configured courseware for hundreds of titles that we can share to get your high-quality, engaging course up and running quickly! These courses are built using OLC’s quality scorecard to align our online resources with established best practices in online course delivery. Find out about an OLC-Aligned course for you!

On-Demand Resources

Discover helpful discipline-specific tips and resources from our OLC certified Digital Faculty Consultants. These toolkits provide guidance on designing, facilitating, and assessing students in an online environment for your specific course area.

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1-on-1 Coaching for Your Course

Get in touch with an OLC-certified Digital Faculty Consultant from your discipline area to learn more about our online coaching services. They can provide best practices for setting up your course and ways to help students stay engaged and thrive in the online environment.

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