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About Us

Learn how we're working to expand the possibilities of content and technology to support learning in a connected world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to unlock the potential of each learner at every stage of life. At McGraw Hill, we believe that your diverse experiences enrich the way you learn, teach, and grow. We know that no two journeys are the same, and support your path wherever it may take you – helping you achieve success on your own terms.

Our Mission

As a leading global education company, our mission is to partner with educators, learners, and professionals to help them access all the value that education can offer, no matter where their starting points may be.  Through high-quality, trusted content developed with world-class authors – and flexible tools to meet the needs of different teaching and learning styles – our digital platforms adapt to help meet learners where they are, and advance with them as they progress toward their goals.
For over 130 years, we have never stopped innovating to meet the ever-changing needs of educators and learners around the world – and will continue to support and celebrate their efforts every step of the way.

Our Culture

At McGraw Hill, we are “Red Cube Proud.” Red Cube Proud means a commitment to giving each other the room to be ourselves, to have the chance to share ideas and have them be heard, and to celebrate, respect and reflect the diversity of the learners we serve.

Company History

At McGraw Hill, we believe the learning journey never ends. We are driven by our passion to create the highest quality, most accessible and affordable solutions for learners and educators around the world, from PreK through higher education, into professional and beyond. 

Anna, as an elementary student, laughs as she walks to school with a parent
Anna, as a college student, smiling over her shoulder with McGraw Hill's digital program ALEKS visible on her laptop in the background
Anna, as a doctor-in-residence, reviewing information on her phone as she walks down a medical office hallway


August McGraw Hill launches Sharpen, a mobile study app that delivers learning via a continuous content feed, bite-sized videos, swipeable study tools, and a personalized activity dashboard.
December McGraw Hill acquires Boards & Beyond, a provider of on-demand video libraries and comprehensive online resources for medical students. 


March McGraw Hill acquires Kidaptive, Inc., an adaptive and personalized learning company.
May McGraw Hill acquires Triad Interactive, developer of SIMnet online training platform.
July McGraw Hill sold to Platinum Equity
November McGraw Hill acquires Achieve3000, a leader in differentiated instruction and learning acceleration.


The Company's total digital billings (based on the last 12 months) were greater than 50% for the first time.


McGraw Hill launches innovative textbook rental program, adding to affordable options available for college students.


March McGraw Hill's sales of digital units in the higher education market overtakes print for the first time in company history.
September McGraw Hill acquires Redbird Learning, a leading digital personalized learning company.


McGraw Hill begins offering digital materials via Inclusive Access, a course material affordability program that delivers digital learning resources to college students at a significantly reduced cost.


January SmartBook™, the world's first adaptive e-book, launches.
March McGraw Hill’s education unit is sold to Apollo Global Management.
June McGraw Hill acquires personalized learning software company ALEKS Corporation.


McGraw Hill Connect® launches; an all-digital teaching & learning platform for higher education -- reaching millions of learners within months.


McGraw Hill College Division introduces the first computerized publishing system (Create), allowing instructors to customize textbooks.


The Book Company acquires the school and college division of Random House, Inc.


The McGraw and Hill Companies merge to form the McGraw Hill Publishing Company, Inc.

Our Leadership

Simon Allen

CEO - McGraw Hill

David Cortese

Chief Digital Information Officer

Scott Grillo

President - Professional Group

Anthony Lorin

President - International

Nathan Olson

SVP, Digital Platform Group Operations

Michael Ryan

President - Higher Education

Sean Ryan

President - School Group
Robert Sallmann

Robert Sallmann

Chief Financial Officer

David Stafford

General Counsel & Secretary

Jeannine Tait

Chief Human Resources & Communications Officer

Our Latest News

Learn how we’re constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of educators and learners around the world.