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Connect for Introduction to Business Features

We Take Students Higher

As a learning science company, we create content that supports higher order thinking skills. Within McGraw-Hill Connect, we tag content according to Blooms: difficulty, AACSB, learning objective and more! This allows you to filter, search, assign and report on the assessments you want to assign.

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SmartBook 2.0

SmartBook® 2.0 is an adaptive learning solution that provides personalized learning to individual student needs, continually adapting to pinpoint knowledge gaps and focus learning on concepts requiring additional study. With the ReadAnywhere mobile app, students can now read and complete SmartBook 2.0 assignments both online and off-line.

For instructors, SmartBook 2.0 provides more granular control over assignments with content selection now available at the concept level. SmartBook 2.0 includes advanced reporting features that enable instructors to track student progress with actionable insights that guide teaching strategies and advanced instruction for a more dynamic class experience.

Click and Drags

These exercises help students make the connect between theory and application through matching, ranking, or group activities.

iSeeit! Videos

Brief, contemporary, and engaging videos offer dynamic, student-centered introductions, illustrations, and animations to guide students through challenging concepts. Ideal for before class as an introduction, during class to launch or clarify a topic, or after class for formative assessment.

Video Cases

Bring concepts to life with assignable live-action videos! These cases feature real-world scenarios and firms. Our video cases are complete with auto-graded, thought-provoking questions. All designed to challenge students’ ability to apply business concepts to everyday situations, real products and companies helping develop their workplace readiness skills!

Manager’s Hot Seat Videos

These actor-portrayed videos depict real-life situations where a manager is faced with a dilemma that needs to be analyzed based on management concepts. These videos enable students to see how managers in realistic situations deal with employees and complex issues. Students will use their critical thinking skills to apply, analyze, and evaluate these managerial challenges, while learning from the manager’s mistakes. Each Hot Seat includes follow-up multiple-choice questions that are assignable and autogradable.

Application-Based Activities/Mini Sims

These highly interactive, automatically graded exercises provide students a safe space to practice using problem-solving skills to apply their knowledge to realistic scenarios. Each scenario addresses key concepts and skills that students must use to work through and solve course-specific problems, resulting in improved critical thinking and relevant workplace skills.

Writing Assignment Plus

Writing Assignment Plus delivers a learning experience that helps students improve their written communication skills and conceptual understanding. Faculty can assign, monitor, grade, and provide feedback on writing projects efficiently. Built-in grammar and writing review help students improve writing quality while an originality check helps students correct potential plagiarism before submission. Click the video below to learn more.

Testing Integrity: Proctorio

McGraw Hill and Proctorio have partnered to seamlessly incorporate assessment integrity tools within Connect.

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Best Practices

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