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Sometimes constructing your own printed text or eBook is all you need. Choose just the content you want from our high-quality textbooks, articles, and cases to combine with your uploaded content.

Your Book, Your Way

Find the McGraw Hill content you want to use quickly and easily.

Arrange the content in a way that makes the most sense for your course.

Personalize your book and choose the best format for your students: printed text or eBook.

Customize Course Materials

Build Your Own Course Materials

Building course materials and optimizing student learning is easy with Create. Choose from high-quality textbooks, articles, and cases from our collections, or upload your own syllabus, teaching notes, or exercises. Arrange and organize your content to align with how you teach your course.

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As you select content for your project, an estimate of the associated page count and price are shown

Reduce Costs for Your Students

Help alleviate costs for students by choosing only the content they will use. Save even more by selecting a black-and-white print book or an eBook for your students.

Customize Course Materials in Three Easy Steps

Save valuable time planning your course with customized materials you can build in three easy steps: search, arrange and personalize. Place your request for a PDF Review Copy and receive it in minutes. Printed review copies take just a few days. Our experienced staff can also help you customize your course materials if you want some extra help.

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Integrate Digital Tools

Enhance learning and engage your students with digital tools, like Connect, that can easily be added with your Create print or eBook, based on the McGraw Hill titles you choose and their Connect courses. Once added, you can customize the assessments and quizzes to match your specific Create book content.

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Make Your Materials Accessible

To request alternative text files for a Create title in MS Word or PDF, please contact your institution’s disability services center. They can request the file directly from us by filling out this form.

Customer Reviews

“Create gave me the flexibility to mix and match cases from different sources. A few times I was able to build bundles that were cheaper than buying separate books – even used. I think the students appreciated that.”

Jack Wolf - Associate Professor of Finance, Clemson University

“Create has a large selection of cases that let me pick exactly what I need for my class goals. It’s easy to make a casebook and students can be ready to go on the first day of class.”

Katy Cortes - Instructor Strategic Management, Virginia Tech

“Just finished ‘creating’ a Create Book for our online and residential learners – the process was simple and straightforward. After reviewing my new Create book, I had some changes – no worries! The changes were done within an hour and the final product was ready for my approval. Thanks McGraw Hill for changing your business model to meet our changing needs.”

George Young, PhD - School of Business, Liberty University

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