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We’re here to help – get real-world support and guidance every step of the way.

Fast & Easy Digital Product Support

We’ve created a collection of tools and resources designed to make your life a whole lot easier.
Whether it’s before, during, or every step beyond the first day of class – we've got you covered.

Are You A Print User?

We have something for you!

To make your life a little easier and to help make back-to-school a breeze, we’ve created some great resources. First, if you require just a textbook for your students – we’ve got a syllabus guide to let your students know that they can have the exact textbook in a mobile digital format at a fraction of the cost. Second, we’ve created a PPT, PDF and video that will show you how to access all the great instructor resources that come with your text.
Two great resources to be well on your way to the best term yet!

Get by With a Little Help from a Friend

Learn how your peers achieved success in their classroom.

Having a direct line to an instructor who’s been through it all before can make all the difference. Reach out today and we’ll connect you with a McGraw-Hill Digital Faculty Consultant (DFC) who teaches in your discipline.
We’ll work around your schedule to ensure you get the help you need.

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Your Dedication. Backed by Ours.

Hear what educators think about our support.

We’re dedicated to helping educators be the best they can be. Why? Because we believe that no profession is more important than yours.

Don’t just take our word for it. Watch the video now and hear what educators think of our support.

Want to Share Your Success Story? We Would Love to Hear It.

It’s always great to hear how we’ve helped educators and students achieve success. If you have a story, don’t be shy.

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Empower Your Decision Making

Use the Success Framework to effectively navigate the process, reduce second guessing, and make better, more informed decisions. Make your life a little simpler and achieve the results you’re looking for with a proven framework. Simple. Effective. Smart.

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