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Connect Course Setup

From setting up basic policies to syncing with a Learning Management System, we’ve got Connect support resources to help you every step of the way. Choose a category below to access our resource library.

Looking for Help Setting Up Your Connect Course? You’ve Come to the Right Place.

Below are videos and guides for the most common Connect instructor support topics around course setup.
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Connect Instructor Basics

Learn how to create a new course, navigate the homepage, and access instructor resources inside Connect.

Visit the Instructor Basics Page

Class Start Readiness

Ensure your course is set up for success within Connect and your Learning Management System.

Visit the Class Start Readiness Page

Set Registration Dates for Your Connect Course
Learn how to set registration dates for your Connect sections, whether you're setting the same date for all sections or choosing a date for a specific section.

Visit the Registration Dates Page

Set Time Zones for Your Connect Course

Learn how to set and update your time zones to make sure your due dates and times are accurate.

Visit the Set Time Zones Page

How do I copy or share my Connect course section?

Follow these easy steps to copy and share your sections with another instructor.

Visit the Copying and Sharing Page

Reusing Your Connect Course For a New Term

Learn how to take an existing Connect course and reuse it for a new term.

Visit the Reusing Your Course Page

Get Started with a Prebuilt OLC-Aligned Course

Learn how to customize the OLC-aligned course in your Connect library, to get up and running quickly.

Visit the Prebuilt OLC-Aligned Course Page

How do I access my Connect instructor resources?

Learn how to access your instructor resources in a few easy steps.

Visit the Access Instructor Resources Page

Getting Help with Connect

Need technical support for Connect? Our digital support team is here to help.

Visit the Getting Help with Connect Page

Record Your Lecture in Connect with Tegrity
Learn how to record your lectures with Tegrity, including how to upload and share your recordings.

Visit the Record Your Lecture with Tegrity Page

Managing Your Roster

Learn how to locate, access, and manage your roster.

Visit the Managing Your Roster Page

Section Dashboard Overview
An overview of your Section Dashboard within Connect

Visit the Section Dashboard Overview Page

Assignment Overview Widget
Learn about the Assignment Overview Widget on your Section Dashboard in Connect.

Visit the Assignment Overview Widget Page

Course Materials Widget
Learn about the Course Materials Widget on your Section Dashboard in Connect.

Visit the Course Materials Widget Page

Section Information Widget
Learn about the Section Information Widget on your Section Dashboard in Connect.

Visit the Section Information Widget Page

Section Performance Widget
Learn about the Section Performance Widget on your Section Dashboard in Connect.

Visit the Section Performance Widget Page

Add Multiple Instructors to Your Connect Section
Watch a short video or read the instructions to learn how to easily add multiple instructors to your Connect section.

Visit the Adding Multiple Instructors Page

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