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ALEKS® Placement, Preparation, and Learning
Achieve accurate math placement

Ignite mastery of MS Office and IT skills

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Sharpen: Study App
A reliable study app for students

Virtual Labs
Flexible, realistic science simulations


Inclusive Access
Reduce costs and increase success

LMS Integration
Log in and sync up

Math Placement
Achieve accurate math placement

Content Collections powered by Create®
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Custom Courseware Solutions
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Professional Services
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Remote Proctoring
Validate online exams even offsite

Institutional Solutions
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General Help & Support Info
Customer Service & Tech Support contact information

Online Technical Support Center
FAQs, articles, chat, email or phone support

Support At Every Step
Instructor tools, training and resources for ALEKS, Connect & SIMnet

Instructor Sample Requests
Get step by step instructions for requesting an evaluation, exam, or desk copy

Platform System Check
System status in real time

Are you a student looking for help with Connect? Visit the Student Connect Support Page 

Set Up Your “My Courses” Page

Set up your course from your “My Courses” page

Below are how-to resources for the most common Connect instructor support topics around setting up the "My Courses" page.
Please contact us if you can’t find what you need, and our team will be happy to assist.

Set Up Your "My Courses" Page

‘My Courses’ Page Overview , Link will open in a new tab

Take a quick tour of the new 'My Courses' page and learn how to organize and manage multiple courses in Connect.

My Courses Page Icons , Link will open in a new tab

Learn what the icons symbolize on your 'My Courses' Page. They are a great visual shortcut to all the items that can be accessed from this page.

Creating a Connect Course , Link will open in a new tab

Learn how to create a new course, navigate the homepage, and access instructor resources inside Connect.

Get Started with a Prebuilt OLC-Aligned Course , Link will open in a new tab

Learn how to customize the OLC-aligned course in your Connect library, to get up and running quickly.

Set Registration Dates for Your Connect Course , Link will open in a new tab

Learn how to set registration dates for your Connect sections, whether you're setting the same date for all sections or choosing a date for a specific section.

Managing Your Roster , Link will open in a new tab

Learn how to view your Connect student roster to find important details about their subscription status, manage extensions for ADA compliance, and confirm their LMS gradebook readiness.

Set Time Zones for Your Connect Course , Link will open in a new tab

Learn how to set and update your time zones to make sure your due dates and times are accurate.

Creating A Template Section For Auto Copy/Pair , Link will open in a new tab

Turn a specific section into a template to be used for new terms and to share with others.

How do I copy or share my Connect course section? , Link will open in a new tab

Follow these easy steps to copy and share your sections with another instructor.

Class Start Readiness , Link will open in a new tab

Ensure your course is set up for success within Connect and your Learning Management System.

Reusing Your Connect Course For a New Term , Link will open in a new tab

Learn how to take an existing Connect course and reuse it for a new term.

Moving Course Sections To Previous , Link will open in a new tab

Finished with your term and don't need to regularly access a course? Move it to the Previous tab and keep current courses front and center!

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