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Introduction to Psychology Podcasts

Insights into Teaching Introductory Psychology
Social Psychology: Podcast 13

In Episode 13 of Insights into Teaching Introductory Psychology, we provide examples you can use in class to help your students better understand the social psychology chapter.

2:00 - The greatest challenges in teaching the Social Psych chapter
5:04 - What do you want students to walk away with from this chapter
10:40 - Where in the semester do you teach Social Psychology
17:30 - expectations on what students will know leaving Intro Psych
22:40 - Starting Lecture in Social Psych
27:40 - Other Examples to help illustrate concepts in Social Psych
40:00 - How has your coverage of Social Psychology evolved over time?


Insights into Teaching Introductory Psychology: Motivation and Emotion

In Episode 12 of Insights into Teaching Introductory Psychology, we discuss practical ways to help your students relate to the material while reaffirming the science behind human behavior.

2:40 – Goals when teaching the Motivation and Emotion Chapter
6:05 – Where in the Intro Psych course do you cover M&E?
8:35 – Cutting content…what do you have to leave out?
10:55 – Strategies for starting lecture in M&E
16:10 – All the feelings: Getting to Emotion
22:25 – Additional examples in M&E to make the content relatable
30:45 – Parting Thoughts

On My Honor: Psi Beta Joins For Episode 11

In this episode of the Insights into Psychology Podcast Series we are joined by 3 members of Psi Beta’s national council and we explore the possibilities that Psi Beta, or any honors society, can bring psychology students on your campus.

2:30 – Psi Beta and its Mission
6:50 – Scholarship, Psi Beta, and its alignment with APA Goals
12:40 – Leadership, Psi Beta, and its alignment with APA Goals
18:50 – Research, Psi Beta, and its alignment with APA Goals
26:50 – Community Service, Psi Beta, and its alignment with APA Goals
41:45 – Parting Thoughts

Kimberly Duff

Kimberly Duff

Jerry Rudman – Irvine Valley College

Jerry Rudman

Kathleen Hughes Stellmach – Pasco Hernando State College

Kathleen Hughes Stellmach

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Insights into Teaching Introductory Psychology Biology across the Curriculum

In Episode 10 of the Insights into Teaching Psychology Podcast Series, Laura King (University of Columbia, Missouri) and Jenel Cavazos (University of Oklahoma) discuss practical ways of teaching biology throughout the Intro Psych curriculum.

1:55 – Where do we begin with Biology in Intro Psych?
6:55 – Making Biology more accessible to students
12:00 – Examples outside of the Bio chapter where we can talk about Biology
24:10 – Making it memorable by using Exceptionalities of Biology
32:40 – Being comfortable not being an expert
38:00 – Parting Thoughts

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The Science of Psychology: An Appreciative View - Looseleaf

Insights into Teaching Psychology: Replication Crisis Podcast

In Episode 9 we dive into the Replication Crisis and explore its effect on teaching Intro Psych, textbook and research authorship, and much more!

3:45 – Breaking down the replication crisis

12:05 – How science has responded

16:45 – Balancing the value of empirical research with the implications of the replication crisis

27:28 – In Textbooks: How McGraw-Hill authors are addressing the replication crisis

34:20 – In the Classroom: where does the replication crisis fit in an Intro Psych class?

48:30 – The legacy of the replication crisis

McGraw-Hill Resources for the Replication Crisis

Methods in Behavioral Research

The Science of Psychology: An Appreciative View - Looseleaf

Insights into Teaching Psychology: Aha! Moments Podcast

Instructors crave aha! moments. The feeling you get when you can see the imaginary light bulb over their head illuminate as the finally “get it”… It’s addicting, rewarding, and necessary. So are these instances predictable? Controllable? Creatable? Join us for episode 8 of the Insights Intro Teaching Psychology Podcast Series for more on aha! moments.

2:52 –The vastness of Psychology and getting class started on Day 1

6:45 – Aha moments in the brain and behavior chapter

12:30 – Aha moments in the research methods chapter

20:08 – Positive and Negative Punishment and Reinforcement

28:54 – Aha moments in Memory

37:44 – Piaget and Development w/ Aha Moments

48:05 – How do you help students see what Psychology’s do outside of counseling

52:01 – Parting thoughts

Becky Howell

Jaime Digirolamo-Vona

Camden CC & Rowan College

McGraw-Hill Resources for Aha! Moments

Insights into Teaching Psychology: Disorders Podcast

In Episode 7, we discuss essential topics and questions to consider when teaching the Disorders chapter.

2:49 – Goals for teaching the Disorders & Treatment chapter

6:05 – Tackling the volume of content across Disorders and Treatment

9:45 – Challenges instructors face teaching this chapter

18:25 – The ‘Myths of Mental Illness’ and where lectures start

24:37 – Adolescence and mental health

27:29 – The mental health side of the development chapter

28:46 – The Extremes of aging: From pushing the envelope to euthanasia

34:58 – Parting thoughts

McGraw-Hill Resources:
Developmental Psych