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Introduction to Psychology Podcasts

Developmental Psych Podcast

Do you cover the entire Developmental Psych chapter in your intro course? What topics do you leave out? How do you handle the awkward conversations? Find the answers to these questions and more in Episode 6 of the Insights Into Teaching Psych Podcast Series.

1:00 -Goals when teaching the Development chapter

8:07 – Perspectives from Intro Psych and into the LifeSpan Development course

11:58 -Managing the entire lifespan in the course of a chapter

15:15 – Tips and strategies for starting class

20:07 – Using narratives and moving from conception to childhood

24:37 – Adolescence

27:29 – The mental health side of the development chapter

28:46 – From euthanasia to pushing the envelope: adulthood into aging

34:58 – Parting thoughts

Jenel Cavazos

University of Oklahoma

Cheri Kittrell

Cheri Kittrell

State College of Florida

Catherine Matson

Catherine Matson

Triton College

Thinking, Language and Intelligence Podcast Module

Help your students think outside the box with our latest installment of the Insights Into Teaching Psychology Podcast Series. In Episode V, Greg Feist (San Jose State University) and Igor Dolgov (New Mexico State University) talk candidly about their goals, challenges, and classroom activities for the Thinking, Language, and Intelligence chapter.

1:40 – Goals when teaching Thinking, Language, & Intelligence

5:20 – How connected is Language & Thought?

7:35 – Problem Solving

8:46 – Navigating the vast amount of content

11:00 – Artificial Intelligence and Searle’s Chinese Room Argument

12:40 – When do you cover these topics and what are the expectations?

15:50 – Starting Class

17:40 – Bilingualism and its effect on thinking, Whorfian Hypothesis

21:12 – Sign language and Nicaraguan case study

23:22 – Tackling Problem Solving & Creativity

26:28 – Personal Experiences with Savants and other examples

28:38 – Bringing it back to Neuroscience w/ Daniel Tammet

30:15 – Parting Thoughts

Greg Feist

San Jose State University

Igor Dolgov

Igor Dolgov

New Mexico State University

McGraw-Hill Resources for Thinking, Language, and Intelligence

Take a look at Greg’s Intro Psych book!

Psychology: Perspectives and Connections

It’s Not Rocket Science, It’s Neuroscience: Help students love The Bio Chapter!

Does teaching the Bio chapter have your students in Fight or Flight mode? Join us for Episode 4 of the Intro to Psych Podcast Series, Biology of Psychology, for best practices from Greg Feist (San Jose State University) and Manda Williamson (University of Nebraska Lincoln).

1:35 – Goals in teaching Biology & Behavior

5:45 – Covering the chapter…what to skip, what to add

9:25 – Expectations beyond Intro Psych

12:00 – Getting Starts: Questions & Stories

15:25 – Keeping things connected, interesting, and exciting

22:30 – Class Activities: letting students become their own synapse

27:45 – Real brains in the Brain and Behavior chapter?

29:42 – APR Psychology and Lab Activities

31:30 – Parting Thoughts

Greg Feist

Greg Feist

Greg Feist is currently an Associate Professor of Psychology in Personality and Adult Development and Director of the Experimental Graduate Program in Psychology at San Jose State University. Greg is also co-author of the textbook Psychology: Perspectives & Connections (McGraw-Hill).
Manda Williamson

Manda Williamson

Manda Williamson is currently an assistant professor of practice at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. She teaches a variety of courses, including the Introduction to Psychology course (both in class and online) as well as the Biological Bases of Behavior course.

Join Laura King, Jason McCoy and Joseph Butler as they explore new ways to engage your students in Research Methods.

2:00 – Goals when teaching Research Methods

10:38 – Helping students become Science Literate

16:45 – Ice breakers to open class

22:30 – Additional Examples

6:00 – ‘Thinking like a Scientist’

14:25 – Spurious Correlations

20:15 – Bringing Research Methods to life

27:15 – Parting Thoughts

Laura King

Laura King
University of Missouri, Columbia

Jason McCoy

Jason McCoy
Cape Fear Community College

Joseph Butler

Joseph Butler
Lone Star College - Univ Park

Resources Referenced in the Podcast

Check out the new edition of Methods in Behavioral Research by Cozby and Bates!

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