Topic-Nutrition Facts Label

By Priya Venkatesan

The nutrition labels are changing. But, even after all these decades, we have not yet mastered how to use them effectively and efficiently. This activity will help you see a few new tricks as you go shopping the next time. It is important to identify the ingredients that are present in the foods that you choose to eat. Use the interactive food label and fact sheets to get started. The interactive food label presents “4” quick pieces of information below. The fact sheet organizes all ingredients that are commonly seen in the grocery stores. It is important to be able to recognize the ingredients and what their function is in the product.

Task #1
Your task is to compile a list of healthy products to boost your immunity in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that we all are currently in. Where would you begin? Use this FDA Interactive website in order to start your learning process. This website features 5 key learning areas. They are: What's on the Label; Ingredient List; Glossary; Resources; Fact sheets. Take your time and review each section carefully.

1. Assume that you are trying to find a food item that is high in calcium and, you are in a rush. There are three different food labels for different types of cheese in front of you. Which part of the food label will help you find high calcium food fast at a quick glance?
2. Look at all the fact sheets (Links to an external site.) and carefully reading all the fact sheets will help you answer q#1 correctly. What specific pieces of information did you learn from the fact sheets that you can use? Is any of this new to you?
3. Choose any 2 foods from your pantry and try to identify every ingredient in the foods you chose by using the food ingredient table. Provide the details of the 2 foods you chose to research. Will you continue to eat these foods after you know what is in them? Explain your answer.
4. With the COVID 19 pandemic, many of us have changed our lifestyle for the sake of safety. What have you done differently as far as food choices are concerned? Explain in 5 sentences or less.

Each answer is worth 5 points and you can earn a maximum of 20 points.