By Priya Venkatesan

The purpose of this activity is to help you identify and analyze a wide variety of specific carbohydrate-rich foods. When we talk about saccharides, we generally are talking about carbohydrates in Nutrition. You would have learned about the fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols. Now, you can get to identify them in your eating plan. You may not know all of them by these specific saccharide terms yet. This activity will help you get really comfortable with many fundamental concepts. To do this, you will approach the task in 2 phases. Follow the directions for task #1 and task #2 below.

Your task is to answer the following questions based on what you think you know now without any research online or in the digital textbook. You may be tempted to research quickly and answer correctly. That is not the purpose of this task. So, do not research anything. Put your phone and laptop away. Just answer the questions based on your current knowledge.
1. Elaborate the term FODMAP. What do you think it is?
2. Which nutrients are usually referred to as saccharides?
3. FODMAP eating patterns are recommended to relieve certain digestive symptoms. Can you think of any digestive disorders that may require a FODMAP eating plan?
4. Generally, do patients receive a recommendation for a high FODMAP or a low FODMAP eating plan?
5. List 6 foods that belong on a FODMAP eating plan.

Task #2
Now, you begin the research process and answer the same five questions. Use this food and nutrition resource as a starting point:

Also, go to the Trader Joes website and scroll down to the bottom of the webpage to access the dietary lists: gluten-free, kosher, and vegan.

Extra Credit
What is the connection between low FODMAP and gluten-free/kosher/vegan? Construct a convincing commentary as a research paper.

Criteria for 30 points:
Provide answers to all the 5 questions (twice - before and after) using the resources provided. Earn 20 points if you can construct a convincing commentary that links FODMAPS to gluten free/kosher/vegan eating plan.