The BSG/GLO-BUS ValuePak strategy simulation is a perfect fit for online courses

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McGraw-Hill partners with the best-selling Business Strategy Game (BSG) and GLO-BUS online simulations to help bridge theory and practice.  Two versions are available:

  • In BSG, team members run athletic footwear companies that produce and market both branded and private-label footwear.
  • In GLO-BUS, team members operate companies that design, assemble, and market wearable video cameras and sophisticated camera-equipped copter drones.

We’re proud to offer a total online course solution. Adopt the BSG or GLO-BUS ValuePak that consists of the simulation and a concise, e-text for $99.95. You can add optional cases from their Library for $5 for each case. Features include:

  • 12 chapters, 276-page digital text, STRATEGY: Core Concepts and Analytical Tools 6th Edition (2020-2021) by Arthur A. Thompson
  • Exercises Linking Chapters to BSG or GLO-BUS Simulation Software
  • Chapter Quizzes/Multi-Chapter Exams
  • Learning Assurance Report
  • Integrated & Automated Gradebook
  • PowerPoint Slides

Benefits we want to make you aware of include:

  • The 2020 sixth edition of  Strategy: Core Concepts and Analytical Approaches text is deliverable only in e-book form as part of BSG/GLO-BUS ValuePak—no hard copies exist. But the e-book is very economical as compared to a hardcopy text and has some appealing attributes:
    • Class members have the option of either reading the Chapters online (which enables them to use the built-in Key Word/Term search function  and to highlight portions of the text chapters ) or they can make a printout of the chapters. If a class member opts to make hardcopy printouts of the chapters, the incremental cost is modest.
    • Neither you nor students will be able to tell any difference between the pages of the e-text and the pages of a hardcopy text.
  • A set of exercises for each of the 12 chapters directly link to the strategic issues and decisions faced by students in running their simulation companies. Students complete the exercises online as a team. There is an automatic checking procedure for each of the chapter-end exercises that signals you whether a company has made entries for each question, for just some of the questions, or for none of the questions; these are recorded in the integrated gradebook for the chapter-end exercises. A live link in the gradebook allows you to easily peruse any company’s answers to the exercises for any and all of the chapters.
  • There are automatically-graded self-tests or chapter-end quizzes for each chapter that can be completed online and recorded into the integrated gradebook. These quizzes contain 15 to 20 multiple choice questions per chapter. Each student’s quiz is unique in that there are 2-5 versions of each question, selected randomly, with the questions being presented in random order and with the five possible responses to each question also being presented in random order. Hence, it is very difficult for class members to “collaborate” in taking the chapter quizzes. You have the option of allowing students to take each chapter quiz 1, 2, or 3 times, with the “final” recorded score being either the highest score, last score or an average of all attempts allowed. You can also alter the time limits for these quizzes.
  • You have built-in capability to easily create multi-chapter exams from a 900-plus question test bank of multiple-choice questions or use preselected exams created by the text author. These exams are automatically graded and reported in your online gradebook.
    • Each question in the test bank is tagged with the associated chapter Learning Objective and the page number(s) on which the answer to the question can be found. Linking each question to the associated chapter learning objective enables you to easily create tests covering the chapter LOs that you want covered on the test.
    • Each multi-chapter test students take online is a chapter-based Learning Assurance Report (LAR) detailing how well your students have scored on the test questions associated with each of the Learning Objectives for each chapter. This report will also include comparisons of the performance of your class on the questions for each chapter learning objective versus the performance of students at other schools using the ValuePak e-text. Some schools use the LAR data to measure the effectiveness of their online course offering and to document the extent to which your school’s curriculum satisfies AACSB requirements.
  • If you want to include case assignments in your online course, the ValuePak includes a library of 29 cases from our latest hardback texts for you to choose from. Each case has a detailed teaching note, video links that students can watch on their own, and case assignment questions. There is a table showing the topics/issues covered in each case and which chapters each case pairs well with, plus there are short descriptions of each case to facilitate selecting the cases(s) for use in your course. Each case you include in the ValuePak adds $5 to the regular $99.95 price for the e-text plus simulation.
  • There are 15 sample daily course schedules for 5-week, 6-week, and 15-week courses to assist you in designing a powerful and uncommonly effective online course to your liking. A complete 32-page Instructor’s Guide provides useful details and recommendations for making the best use of the features, discusses what to consider in organizing your course, and offers suggestions using the ValuePak three-pronged simulation-text-optional case model.
  • There’s visually-appealing, new professionally-prepared set of PowerPoint slides for use in your online lectures. You can make a printable PDF of the slides available to students if you wish.
  • All student-related components of the text-simulation-optional case package are electronically delivered to the members of your class and are instantly available and accessible as soon as a class member completes the registration process at or

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