Help Us Improve the Nursing Shortage!, Succeed in A&P, Season 3, Episode 1

Published November 6, 2019

By Cynthia Leaver (American Association of Colleges of Nursing)

Join Valerie Kramer (McGraw-Hill) and special guest Cynthia Leaver, PhD (American Association of Colleges of Nursing) as they discuss the importance of A&P and the national nursing shortage crisis. You'll gain ideas and feel motivated to help your students stay engaged and pass the A&P course to get into nursing school!

Cynthia Leaver, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC, FAANP, is the Director of Academic Nursing Development at the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). She has a diversified background in nursing education, administration, research and practice/advanced practice, all aimed to lead improvement in healthcare outcomes for the individual, family, and community. Cynthia has remarkable success impacting the intersection of integrative healthcare, cultural competency and technology applied to optimize potential of nursing education, practice, research and administration. To learn more about the AACN, visit

1:35- About Cynthia Leaver
2:30- AACN and their mission
3:10- AACN’s role in student and faculty success
4:10- The importance of the A&P course
5:20- Showing students the importance of A&P
6:35- Social factors influencing the nursing shortage
9:15- Tips for student success
10:45- Current efforts and initiatives for nursing education
12:30- How can we help alleviate the nursing shortage?