How to Help Your Students Build a Foundation for Success, Succeed in A&P, Episode 31

Published October 3, 2018

By Judi D’Aleo, Plymouth State University and iWorx Systems, Inc.

In Episode 31 of the Succeed in A&P Podcast, we share how Judi D’Aleo uses Hole’s Essentials of Human A&P to give her students a foundation for success. Join Jim Connely (McGraw-Hill) and his guest Judi D’Aleo (Plymouth State and iWorx) as they discuss the terminology tools, preview chapter and charts in Hole’s Human A&P. Jim and Judi also talk about her work with the iWorx company and how they can help you in the laboratory! Enjoy!

Judi D’Aleo

Judi enjoys teaching anatomy and physiology to students of all ages and has been doing so for almost 30 years. She says that what started out as an Ecology/Environmental Science career was diverted by a fantastic advisor in graduate school who thought she would be an excellent teacher. From that day forward, Judi has not looked back. Since 1986, she has taught the sciences to high school and college students.
She is currently teaching Anatomy and Physiology Labs as an adjunct with the Biological Sciences Dept at Plymouth State University, almost marking her 25th year teaching there. She was also honored with the 2018 Distinguished Teaching Lecturer award. Since 2006, she has been employed as the Education/Technical Support Specialist with iWorx Systems, Inc, helping guide professors in teaching advanced physiology concepts using the iWorx interfaces. She is married and has two children – a daughter and a son. She often speaks about her family and pets to her students which allows them to get to know her as a person rather than just as an instructor. She is an avid reader and gardener and loves to cook.

2:00- What is iWorx?
7:30- How iWorx works
9:20- Judi’s favorite feature of iWorx
11:00- Judi’s favorite part of HAPS
13:40- Using Connect® and A&P Revealed
15:50- Judi’s favorite feature of Hole’s Human A&P
18:30- Learn, Practice, Assess Model
23:40- Using the Hole’s preview chapter
26:20- The importance of mastering terminology
28:30- The future of A&P



Hole's Human Anatomy & Physiology

Hole's Human Anatomy & Physiology

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