Key Features

Key Features

Learn about the key aspects of the curriculum and learning experience that will make an IMPACT with your students.


Use inquiry-based learning to foster engagement

IMPACT Social Studies teaches the art and strategy of inquiry as teachers model how to ask questions and do research. Students learn how to analyze sources and consider multiple perspectives as they think critically about problems, events, places, and people. Each chapter inquiry project is designed to engage students by encouraging them to ask questions and look for answers, while providing opportunities for students to work together collaboratively.

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Prepare students to become active citizens

A primary goal of IMPACT Social Studies is to prepare students to become active citizens—both locally and globally—in an ever-changing world. Throughout the curriculum, students are given opportunities to learn about and apply good citizenship practices. The texts and activities focus on developing civic values and democratic principles as students build an understanding of their role in the community, the nation, and the world.


There are days when you have very limited time for social studies. Then, there may be days when you have time for longer lessons. With IMPACT’s unique and innovative resources, you can decide the length of time to teach, if you want to use print and/or digital, and which resources best fit your classroom needs and priorities.

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Ensure your students have equitable and accessible tools for learning

Accessibility, equity, and multiple perspectives are at the heart of the IMPACT Social Studies curriculum. Differentiated instruction, including appropriate scaffolds for English learners, provides students the tools they need to take informed action and succeed in college, career, and civic life. IMPACT Social Studies encourages students to connect to their backgrounds as they learn about others. Photographs have been thoroughly and thoughtfully researched to represent people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, living and working together in a multicultural society.


Personalize instruction and support blended learning

The IMPACT Social Studies digital environment is organized for the students by mirroring the print with the instructional model of “Engage, Investigate, and Report.” It is made adaptable with ePresentations, eBooks, and Interactive IMPACT. Teachers can easily add their own resources, as well as personalize assessments and assignments. By engaging with rich digital tools designed to inspire curiosity, students learn to think critically while they interact with the content. Whether social studies instruction is center-based, whole-class, or woven into cross-curricular explorations, IMPACT Social Studies provides opportunities for blended learning as technology practices develop within districts

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Spanish Components

All components are available in Spanish as part of the IMPACTO curriculum.
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