U.S. History​

AP Edition​

Experience History: Interpreting America's Past (Davidson) ©2019 9e

Told from multiple perspectives and highlights how diverse actors have been at the center of US history.

AP Edition​

American History: Connecting with the Past (Brinkley) AP ed. ©2017 5e

Provides students with guidance and support to master key concepts, develop historical thinking skills, and succeed on the AP U.S. History Exam.​​

For Honors U.S. History​

The Unfinished Nation (Brinkley) © 2019 9e

The best-selling concise text for U.S. history and respected for its clear narrative voice and impeccable scholarship.​

African American History

For African American History

From Slavery to Freedom: A History of African Americans (Franklin) ©2022 10e

The same revered, respected, and honored text paired with content created specifically for the High School audience.

AP World History and AP European History​

AP Edition​

Traditions & Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past (Bentley)​ ©2020 AP ed. 6e

Maintains its thematic perspective but reorganized to reflect the new time span and revised themes, skills, and processes.

For AP European History

A History of Europe in the​ Modern World (Palmer)​ ©2020 12e

Delves into how Europe’s history contributed to the development of the modern world and an increasingly global society.​

AP U.S. Government​​

AP Edition​

American Democracy Now (Harrison) ©2022 7e

Fully aligned with the AP framework, this book engages students in politics through up-to-date content and compelling features.

For AP U.S. Government

We the People (Patterson)​ ©2019 13e

A concise approach to American government that emphasizes​ critical thinking through appealing, relevant examples. ​​

Criminal Justice​​

For Electives

Criminal Investigation (Swanson)​ ©2019 12e

A comprehensive, step-by-step intro to criminal investigation with a logical framework for understanding the investigative process.

For Electives

Introduction to Criminal Justice (Bohm) ©2018 9e

The ideal text for students​ interested in learning the complexities of the criminal justice system. ​​

AP Human Geography and AP Psychology​

AP Edition​

Human Geography (Bjelland) ©2020

Introduces students to the scope and excitement of geography while helping develop an awareness of its relevance to their daily lives.

AP Edition​

Understanding Psychology (Feldman) AP ed. ©2020 14e

The best-selling college text introduces students to psychology as a vibrant science that is both theoretical and relevant.

AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics​​

AP Edition​

Economics (McConnell) AP ed ©2021 22e

Remains the leading text for AP Macroeconomics and AP​ Microeconomics courses.

For AP Economics

Essentials of Economics (Brue) ©2019 4e

Provides a fresh alternative to the survey course that is both substantive and appropriate for the intro econ student.​​

For AP Economics

Economics (Colander) ©2020 11e

The approach is based on traditional models, but subjects students to​ deeper analysis, focusing on the real world instead of abstract models.