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Connecting research to learning

How We Approach Learning

Learning Science

Learning science focuses on examining how learning occurs. How do your students learn? This question is at the core of learning science—and at the core of our approach toward optimizing learning in your classroom. Learning science draws from research across many disciplines, and we leverage this research to assist you with how you use content and data to target knowledge gaps, personalize instruction, promote retention, and transform learning in your classroom. Our goal is to help you connect research-based practices and content to the important work you do every day.

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Our Approach

The application of learning science is most effective when it recognizes that educators bring knowledge, expertise, and a personal touch to the classroom that technology can’t replicate. Our goal is to optimize your teaching talent with learning-science-fueled, research-based resources which transform your educational experience with tools that target knowledge gaps, track student progress, and create personalized learning plans for your students based on individual needs.

Understanding Learning Science

Learning Science 101: Misconceptions

Why do we believe what we believe, and understand what we understand? And at what point does an understanding become a misconception?


We leverage learning science research and principles to design effective instructional materials in a variety of disciplines. We've learned a lot from this research, and we want to make that knowledge accessible to all educators. Here, we invite you to explore some of our most helpful research as well as foundational research from the field.

How We Support Districts


The knowledge we gain with consistent research is invaluable to our mission of accelerating learning through intuitive, engaging, efficient, and effective experiences—grounded in research. We support a wide range of research—including core, supplemental, and intervention—from grade K through 12.

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How We Support the Community

Education Impact

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At-Home Learning

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Tips for Parents, Teachers, and Students

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