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Direct Instruction (DI) is the efficacy-proven methodology at the core of our PreK–12 literacy and math tiered curriculum solutions. For over 50 years, DI has empowered educators to deliver learning experiences proven to transform students at all levels into highly skilled and confident learners. Whether they are struggling, English Learners (EL), learning disabled, or on-level but in need of additional support, DI is proven to work. It gives educators an explicit and systematic instructional framework and time-tested resources to help students meet and exceed achievement goals.

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Reading Mastery Transformations

Grades K–5

SRA Corrective Reading

Grades 3–12

SRA Connecting Math Concepts

Grades K–5

Corrective Math

Grades 3–12

Federal Funding for Your School District

McGraw Hill's Intervention and Tiered Curriculum Solutions may be eligible for CARES Act funding, designated to address learning loss as well as academic, social, emotional, and mental health needs of students affected by the pandemic.

Decades of Research-Proven Efficacy

Research fuels all that we do to improve learning outcomes. Decades of research have consistently revealed strong evidence of academic achievement when students are taught using evidence-based intervention programs. Browse our research portal to learn about program-specific outcomes and efficacy.

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  Grade Level
Reading Mastery Transformations* K–5
Reading Mastery Signature Edition* K–5
Horizons K–4
Corrective Reading 3–12

Language Arts

  Grade Level
Language for Learning PreK–5
Language for Thinking 1–3
Language for Writing 2–5
Reading Mastery Signature Edition, Language Strand K–5
Spelling Mastery 1–6
Reasoning and Writing K–12
Expressive Writing 4–12
Essentials for Writing 6–12
Spelling Through Morphographs 4–12
Cursive Writing 2–4


  Grade Level
Connecting Math Concepts* K–5
Corrective Math 3–12
Essentials for Algebra 7–12

Data Management

  Grade Level
SRA 2Inform Online Progress Monitoring K–12

*can be implemented as a core replacement program in Tier 1

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