PreK–12 Research

At McGraw-Hill, research fuels all that we do to improve the learning experience. We believe our biggest contribution in building a brighter future resides within our deep understanding of how learning happens and how the mind develops.

We do this by supporting and funding a wide range of research on the effectiveness of our educational solutions.

Curriculum Program Program Type Grade Levels
Literacy Programs
Corrective Reading Intervention 3–12
Early Interventions in Reading Intervention K–3
FLEX Literacy Intervention 3–12
Intervenciones tempranas de la lectura Intervention K–12
Open Court Reading Core K–5
Read to Achieve Intervention 6–12
Reading Mastery Signature Edition Intervention PreK–5
Redbird Language Arts & Writing Supplemental 2–7
StudySync ELA Core 6–12
Wonders Core K–6
Wonders for English Learners Core K–6
WonderWorks Core K–6
World of Wonders Core PreK
Math Programs
ALEKS Supplemental K–12
Building Blocks Supplemental PreK–8
Building Blocks PreK Supplemental PreK
Connecting Math Concepts Intervention K–5
Corrective Math Intervention 3–12+
Everyday Mathematics 4 Core K–6
Glencoe Math Core 6–8
McGraw-Hill My Math Core PreK–5
Number Worlds Intervention K–6
Redbird Mathematics Supplemental K–6
Reveal Math Core K–12
Science Programs
Inspire Science Core K–5