PreK-12 Research

At McGraw-Hill, research fuels all that we do to improve the learning experience. We believe our biggest contribution in building a brighter future resides within our deep understanding of how learning happens and how the mind develops.

We do this by supporting and funding a wide range of research on the effectiveness of our educational solutions.

Curriculum Program Program Type Grade Levels
Literacy Programs
Corrective Reading Intervention 3-12
Early Interventions in Reading Intervention K-3
FLEX Literacy Intervention 3-12
Intervenciones tempranas de la lectura Intervention K-12
Open Court Reading Core K-5
Read to Achieve Intervention 6-12
Reading Mastery Signature Edition Intervention PreK-5
Redbird Language Arts & Writing Supplemental 2-7
StudySync ELA Core 6-12
Wonders Core K-6
Wonders for English Learners Core K-6
WonderWorks Core K-6
World of Wonders Core PreK

Math Programs
ALEKS Supplemental K-12
Building Blocks Supplemental PreK-8
Building Blocks PreK Supplemental PreK
Connecting Math Concepts Intervention K-5
Corrective Math Intervention 3-12+
Everyday Mathematics 4 Core K-6
Glencoe Math Core 6-8
McGraw-Hill My Math Core PreK-5
Number Worlds Intervention K-6
Redbird Mathematics Supplemental K-6
Reveal Math Core K-12

Science Programs
Inspire Science Core K-5