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An adaptive solution to personalize instruction, accelerate learning, and empower every student to soar.

Addresses standards grades 2–7

Redbird Language Arts & Writing leverages adaptive technology and a student-centered, personalized learning model to accelerate learning for all students. Developed by Stanford University, it combines a proven blend of instruction, interactive practice, and innovative writing analysis technology that allows students to work towards mastery of language arts concepts, and to build strong foundational writing skills.

  • Complements core ELA instruction by providing adaptive, digital instruction and practice in grammar, usage, and writing
  • Empowers teachers with support from data-driven insights into student understanding
  • Provides students with a richly personalized path through the curriculum, delivering precisely what each individual student needs to accelerate their learning
  • Integrates groundbreaking writing analysis technology, allowing students to receive error-specific feedback on sentence and paragraph compositions

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Developed by Stanford University, Redbird Language Arts & Writing is built upon over 25 years of pioneering research in adaptive and writing technology and is supported by on-going partnership with researchers at the Stanford Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI).