Learning as Unique as Every Student

ALEKS: An Adaptive Math and Science Program for Grades 3–12

For more than 20 years, McGraw Hill ALEKS has helped educators in math and chemistry to quickly and accurately zero in on exactly which topics students understand and which topics they need help with, empowering teachers to deliver the most effective instruction possible. Based on the theory of “knowledge spaces” from cognitive science, ALEKS (*A*ssessment and *LE*arning in *K*nowledge *S*paces) uses artificial intelligence to create personalized and dynamic learning paths for K–20 students based on their unique needs. To date, ALEKS has helped more than 20 million students at thousands of K–12 schools, colleges and universities throughout the world. With ALEKS educators can:

  • Identify instructional gaps
  • Personalize learning paths
  • Track the progress of student learning and mastery

ALEKS will quickly help teachers identify instructional gaps, personalize learning paths, and track the progress of student learning and mastery. The proven technology of ALEKS can integrate with any system, anywhere, on any device. ALEKS can also bring customization to your district's existing math textbook.

ALEKS Programs

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