AP®/Honors & Electives: SCIENCE

AP Biology and Honors Biology

AP Edition​

Biology (Mader), AP ed. ©2019 13e​

Focuses on inquiry-based learning and the AP* Biology curriculum, using thought-provoking examples to introduce Big Ideas.

For AP Biology​

Biology (Raven), AP ed. ©2020 12e

Uses dynamic tools and chapter designations to differentiate AP Essential Knowledge from AP Extended Knowledge.

For AP Biology​

Understanding Biology (Mason) ©2021 3e

Emphasizes fundamental concepts to help students understand biology and focus on developing scientific skills.

For Honors Biology

Human Biology (Mader) ©2020 16e​

Accomplishes the goal of improving​ scientific literacy while establishing a foundation of knowledge​ in human biology and physiology.

For Honors Biology

Inquiry into Life (Mader) ©2017 5e

Represents one of the cornerstones of introductory biology education.