AP®/Honors & Electives: MATH

High School Algebra & Precalculus

The Miller Math Series is a powerful, new companion for improving student performance in honors algebra. Prepare your students to meet the course challenges with this comprehensive, user-friendly, and flexible series with robust​ digital solutions to fit the needs of your classroom.

Statistics & Discrete Math​

For General Statistics

Elementary Statistics: A Step by Step​ Approach (Bluman) ©2018 10e

For students whose math background is limited to algebra, this is the quintessential general stats text (not intended for AP® Statistics).

For 3rd or 4th Year Math

Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications​ (Rosen) ©2019 8e

Written to accommodate a variety of courses and departments, including math, computer science, and engineering.

For 3rd or 4th Year Math

Math in Our World (Sobecki) ©2019 4e

Engages students with a clear writing style, real-world examples, and a step-by-step approach.

Developmental Math​​

For College and Career Readiness

Pathways to Math Literacy (Sobecki) ©2019 2e

Created for a developmental mathematics course to remediate core skills students need for college and/or careers.