An Adaptive, Supplemental Program Targeting Learning Loss for K–8 Math and ELA

The last few years have posed countless challenges for students and teachers alike. Rise helps meet some of those challenges by identifying and targeting learning loss—because nothing should get in the way of student success.

Start Here: What is Rise?

Designed to address learning loss, Rise works to meet individual learning needs with adaptive, supplemental practice for K–8 Math and ELA. The program is curated from proven McGraw Hill content and uniquely designed to ensure that students aren’t revisiting lessons covered elsewhere.

  • Over 1500 grade-level objectives present students with mini-cycles of questions to assess learning progress.
  • With each incorrect answer, the program adapts to provide additional practice and scaffolded supports where needed.
  • As students work through each question, their responses generate rich, informative data that provides valuable insights into understanding.

Rise tablet dashboard Rise tablet dashboard Rise tablet dashboard Rise tablet dashboard

Explore the Student Experience

Individualized Learning Paths

Rise empowers students to architect their own learning pathways and learn at a pace that promotes understanding.

  • Students choose whether to read about a topic first or, if they feel ready, jump right into the assignment.
  • They can revisit concepts at any time, accessing additional practice via the Recharge feature.
  • The reporting dashboard empowers them to track their own progress as they work through new material.

With our ReadAnywhere app, students can download and complete their Rise assignments offline—making learning available anytime, anywhere.

Explore the Teacher Experience

Powerful Reporting and Recommendations

Rise generates the data teachers need to measure student progress and make informed instructional decisions.

  • Diagnostic tests pinpoint concepts students find challenging and recommend lessons that target those areas.
  • Teachers can assign the pre-built recommended lessons or customize them to meet class needs.
  • Powerful reporting includes metacognitive data indicating student confidence as well as insights into class and individual performance.

Ready to Try Rise?

Engage with our interactive walkthrough to get a sense of how Rise works. Then experience Rise for yourself by requesting login credentials to sample the program online.

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