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Music! Its Role and Importance in Our Lives for Grades 9-12

A 21st Century Choral Experience

Develop confident, strong musicians from day one with an inspiring program designed to help students truly enjoy choral singing.


Upgrade Your Choral Experience

Sight-singing and choral music courses come together to meet the standards! Proven proactive exercises will challenge your students in a fun, engaging way that will resonate with both you and your students. Navigate and explore the lessons, featuring 20 quality selections per course!

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Your New Print Library

The repertoire and sight-singing course octavos and pieces are available in beautiful print editions. Elevate your choral library with reputable, well-known composers.

Voice in Concert Print Editions


Choral Literature music notes

Voices in Concert pairs effective sight-singing exercises and pieces with a vibrant literature collection to help you bring your ensemble to the next level. Learn more about the leveled approach and explore the rich literature selections that make up Voices in Concert.

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The nationally-recognized authorship team brings experience, insight, and range to the spiraling curriculum. Meet the thought leaders behind Voices in Concert.