Workforce Education

Prepare students for success in the workplace.

Combine academic and essential skills instruction within workplace contexts to guide adult learners on a path to a living wage and a sustainable career path. Aligned with WIOA requirements, our workforce solutions promote best practices for integrating academic and occupational skills to prepare students for postsecondary education and training, and, ultimately, success throughout their careers.


New! Workplace Skills Practice Workbooks

Nine-title series provides adult learners practice for the workplace skills they need for today’s workforce.

Workforce Skill Development: Instruction


Basic Skills for the Workplace

Introduces contextualized, low-level basic academic skills that build the foundation for Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Location Information.


Locating Information

Provides vital skills instruction for retrieving and using information communicated in the workplace through graphical sources, such as diagrams, workplace signs, and flow charts.

Reading for Information

Develops skills to read and effectively use workplace documents including business letters, memos, directions, bulletins, regulations, and policies.

Applied Mathematics

Provides instruction and application of mathematical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.



Writing for Work

Provides applied workplace writing activities designed to help students develop their written communication skills within real-world situations, including critical skills such as responding to workplace issues and effectively relaying workplace information.

Tools for Workplace Success

Provides essential “soft” skill instruction through scenario-based modeling and application of workplace decision-making processes. Instruction focuses on skills employers most commonly require from their employee as defined by the Department of Labor workplace competency models.

Workforce Skill Development: Practice

Workplace Skills Practice Workbooks

Provides extra practice of core workplace skills to supplement any College and Career Readiness Standards-aligned, workplace-contextualized academic and essential skills instruction or can serve as stand-alone materials for practicing these skills.


Career Companions Series

Career exploration and industry-specific contextualized skills practice based on 16 career clusters.