Augmented Reality in Education Research

Preview Educator and Parent Perspectives on Augmented Reality

Children who use AR use it very often –2-3 days a week or more
Everyday 38%
2 to 3 days a week 40%
Once a week 13%
Once every 2 to 3 weeks 3%
Once a month 2%
Less often than once a month 4%

Q: How frequently does your child use AR? (n=387)

Student engagement is the greatest benefit of using AR in education according to both educators (78%) and parents (59%).

Most educators that use AR use it often –at least once a week
Everyday 14%
2 to 3 days a week 44%
Once a week 16%
Once every 2 to 3 weeks 12%
Once a month 8%
Less often than once a month 5%

Q: How frequently do you use AR for educational purposes? (n=146)

Because AR does not need to be used with special glasses or headsets, educators report that in school students commonly use AR with their laptops (66%) and tablets (55%)

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