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A Parent’s Role in Productive Struggle

That’s Not How We Did It When I Was in School!

Math Growth at Home: Helping Parents to Support Students

"It gives parents information so they can better help their children"

Julie D., Elementary Math Supervisor, Wicomico County, MD

Books & Literature for Parents

Everyday Mathematics for Parents

The concise, hands-on guide to Everyday Mathematics for Parents

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Everyday Mathematics and Parental Involvement

Educators work hard to engage parents in their children’s education, but does parent involvement really increase student achievement in mathematics?

It does, read how!

Send the Excitement Home with Family Games Kits!

These take-home game collections allow families to play an active role in their children’s math education. Fun games and math strategies help parents reinforce the knowledge their children gain in the classroom.

The Family Games Kits are packaged in grade spans and each kit comes with a zippered pouch for easy storage, gameboards, game pieces, and a guide that provides instructions for all games.