High School Equivalency Test Preparation

Provide the stepping stone to college and career success.

Prepare students to not simply pass their high school equivalency exams, but to be truly ready for college, career training, and beyond. The unique combination of core College and Career Readiness-aligned instruction, test-specific practice, and lessons that provide workplace and other real world contextualization keeps students engaged as they build a strong academic foundation.

High School Equivalency Achieve

Grade level equivalent 9-12 learners can prepare for the high school equivalency exams with a program that encompasses Webb’s Depth of Knowledge and Evidence-Based Reading Instruction—plus core content instruction with test-specific practice.

LearnSmart ®

An online personalized approach to high school equivalency test prep.

High School Equivalency Basics

Grade level equivalency 6-8 learners can build the core foundational skills needed to begin preparing for any high school equivalency exam.

College and Career Readiness Practice Workbooks

This consumable practice workbook series is a simple, cost-effective way to help adult learners master the skills outlined in the College and Career Readiness Standards.

Power UP!

Prepare students with the applied computer basics lessons and keyboarding skills needed for computer-based test taking, college classes, and the modern workplace.