Create a Path toCollege Algebra

Transform math from a gatekeeper to a gateway for success. With a combination of Redbird, ALEKS and ALEKS PPL, you can create personalized and accessible step stone paths to college algebra for every student.

Customize The K–12 Journey to College Algebra

Waiting until high school to prioritize algebra just doesn't add up. Research from the Gates Foundation shows that students who successfully complete Algebra 1 by ninth grade are more likely to graduate high school and pursue higher education. That's why our programs work together to start students on a path to college algebra from day one. But most importantly, we enable personalized learning paths that speed up, slow down, and adapt to let accelerated learning occur at a rate that helps every student thrive.

Redbird (K–7)

Take off on the path to college algebra with Redbird. Designed for students in grades K–7, Redbird starts each student on a personalized, accelerated learning path covering the foundational building blocks for algebra success.

ALEKS (3–12)

ALEKS takes personalized learning to the next level. Whether at, below, or above grade level, ALEKS meets the needs of each student, customizing a path based on their strengths and areas of opportunity. ALEKS also empowers teachers to assign work, check in on progress, and see realtime student data.

ALEKS PPL (11–12+)

With ALEKS PPL, students get one last look before they leap into college algebra. Built for grades 11–12+, this program assesses college algebra readiness. For those who need a slight refresher, the program provides a tailored mini course designed to bring a student back up to speed.

Helping Educators Support Students

Whether in the classroom or after school, starting from square one or in the final stretch, our learning tools are built to help educators support their students no matter where they are on the continuum. We provide key data which, when combined with your unbeatable insight, allow you to tailor your instructions and individual support plans to provide students with exactly what they need when they need it. From skill assessments, to rate of growth, to subject matter strengths and weaknesses, you get an in-depth understanding of each student's personalized path to success.

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