Advisors for Florida

Jennifer Cosby
Glades County

"Thankful to have been part of this creative team that worked diligently to ensure that Florida Wonders represents Florida at its best!"

Nicole Hurst
Okee County

"Participation in the Florida Advisory Board has given me a renewed perspective on the value of collaboration. The experience of learning and communicating the high expectations for student learning and achievement with peers around the state has made for a rewarding experience as well as a profound understanding of curriculum development. I am eager to see the impact Florida Wonders has on student learning."

Tonya Kyles
Osceola County

"I was glad to partake in the advisory board because it gave me the opportunity to collaborate with other educators from around the state."

Cassie Mense
Escambia County

"I am so exited to have been a part of the advisory board because during our webinars I was able to participate in incredible conversations and reflections that occurred between teachers from across the state of Florida. It was amazing to hear so many different angles and idea about the content we teach."

Lauren Monroe
St. Lucie County

"I was excited to participate in the advisory board because it allowed me to collaborate with a knowledgeable, skilled, and diverse group of educators to create impactful resources of our Florida teachers."

Beth Payne
St. Lucie County

"I was glad to partake in the advisory board because I was able to collaborate with other educators across the state to help create a literacy program for Florida students and teachers."

Na’Shara Tyson
Lee County

“I am very excited to see Florida Wonders in classrooms because I know that teachers contributed to the curriculum."

Renee Westergren
Broward County

"I was honored to participate in the Florida Advisory Board. It was a rewarding experience and meeting other teachers from different counties across the Florida area was wonderful. I'm excited to see Florida Wonders in our schools and how it will positively affect our student population. Our webinars were filled with the sharing of teacher knowledge and I will be excited to see our ideas in print."

RaeAnn Whiteside
Okee County

"I was excited to participate in the advisory board because it allowed me to make connections with other educators."

Batya Zanfardino
RCMA Wimauma Charter School

"I enjoyed my time on the advisory board. It gave me excellent insight into the thought and detail that help construct curricula."

Tamra Thatcher
Brevard County

"During our advisory board webinars, I was most excited by the amount of collaboration taking place amongst the members of the advisory team. I am excited to see Florida Wonders because the team genuinely listened to our feedback and made decisions accordingly. The whole experience was an honor."

Sherri Beall
Miami-Dade County

Nicole Critch
Duval County

Krizia Fernandez Herrera
St. Lucie County

Michelle Garcia
Martin County

Christy Gupta
Hillsborough County

Kathy Hill
Hillsborough County

Jessica Landers
Hillsborough County

Stacey Lewis
Pasco County

Aimee Miculicz
Somerset Boca Charter School

Margaret Rogero-Hastings
Duval County

Rebecca Wilson
St. Lucie County