Pedagogy & Features for Teen Health

Features Within the Text

Within the text, you will find features that are designed to help students develop and reinforce imperative knowledge and skills. These features include:

  1. Big Idea
    Summarizes the main takeaway for the students at the beginning of each lesson.
  2. Main Idea
    A sentence at the beginning of each section that summarizes the content in that particular section.
  3. Before You Read
    Helps students tap into what they already know about the lesson content by responding to a short question in the Quick Write feature and reviewing key vocabulary from the lesson. In the online eBook, responses to the Quick Write questions can be typed directly into the response fields.
  4. Reading Checks
    Stimulates quick recall and keeps students focused on the main idea of the lesson.
  5. Lesson Review
    Questions at the end of each chapter ask students to reflect on what they learned in the lesson. In the online eBook, students can type their answers to the Lesson Review questions directly into the response fields.

Digital Resources

Module Level Activities

Module-level activities support students as they develop knowledge and key skills that are critical to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making informed, empowered decisions. These activities include:

Hands-On Health: Helps students understand the main idea of the module in a different way with an in-depth project-based learning activity.

Health Lab Activities: These labs require students to gather and analyze information that connects to the main idea of the module.

Building Health Skills: Gives students a deeper understanding of a topic and provides them with opportunities to practice health skills.

Web Quest: Sets parameters and goals for students as they explore a topic online.

Tech Know: These activities require students to use technology to complete a project.

Fitness Zone

Located at the end of the eBook, the Fitness Zone is a multimedia resource that teaches students how to be physically active every day and helps teachers incorporate physical activity into the content of the lesson. Fitness Zone activities and resources include Clipboard Energizer activities, videos, podcasts, heart rate monitor activities, and more!