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Experience Teen Health for Grades 6–8 and Glencoe Health for Grades 9–12

Discover comprehensive, application-based health programming designed to address timely, relevant topics while keeping students engaged in their learning.

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Review the program overview to see how Teen Health and Glencoe Health supply the information students need to make smart choices. Browse up-to-date, research-validated content that equips them with the facts. Explore resources designed for wide-ranging learning needs, and discover programming that challenges students to practice and apply what they learn in the real world.

Teen Health (6–8) Program Overview
Glencoe Health (9–12) Program Overview

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Check out the Student Edition to review the text and explore features designed to help students develop and reinforce imperative knowledge and skills.

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Learn how the program’s digital features give you the flexibility and tools you need to meet all students at their level while supporting their journey to becoming health-conscious individuals.

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