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ALEKS Adventure
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Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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ALEKS Adventure
Building Blocks PreK
Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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Our Principles

Glencoe Health logo
Glencoe Health logo

Pedagogy & Features for Glencoe Health

Features Within the Text

Embedded features throughout the text help students develop and reinforce imperative knowledge and practice the application of critical skills.

  1. Big Idea
    Overviews at the beginning of each lesson provide students with the lesson's main takeaway.

  2. Before You Read 
    These activities or questions help students tap into what they already know about the content covered in the lesson. 

  3. Vocabulary 
    These lists provide students with an overview of key terms and concepts they will learn in the lesson.

  4. Real Life Issues
    Provides students with information pertaining to their health and allows them to practice their writing skills while relating curriculum content to their lives.

  5. Main Idea
    Callouts throughout the lesson help students navigate the text by identifying key points.

  6. Fitness Zone
    Features throughout the text provide students with ideas on how to incorporate fitness into their lifestyle.

  7. Reading Checks
    Stimulates quick recall and keeps students focused on the main ideas throughout the lesson.

  8. Lesson Review
    Questions at the end of each lesson allow students to reflect on what they learned. In the online eBook, students can type their answers to the Lesson Review questions directly into the response fields.
Glencoe Health, Lesson 2 What Affects Your Health

Digital Resources

Module Level Activities

Community and Environmental Health, Health Lab

Glencoe Health features module-level activities that support students as they develop essential knowledge for making informed decisions and key skills that are critical to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Hands-On Health: Helps students understand the module’s main idea in a different way using an in-depth project-based learning activity.

  • Health Lab Activities: Requires students to gather and analyze information that connects to the main idea of the module.

  • Real-World Connection: Provides real-life application to the study of health concepts and behaviors. 

  • Vocabulary Practice: Aids students in learning and understanding key health terms.
Community and Environmental Health, Health Lab
Resistance Band Chest Press on tablet

Fitness Zone

Located at the end of the eBook, the Fitness Zone is a multimedia resource that teaches students how to be physically active every day and helps teachers incorporate physical activity into the content of the lesson. Fitness Zone activities and resources include Clipboard Energizer activities, videos, podcasts, heart rate monitor activities, and more! 

Lesson-Level Activities and Resources

Glencoe Health features a variety of lesson-level activities and resources that help students practice what they’ve learned in the lesson. Within the digital experience, you can see what health standards are built into the lesson materials at the beginning of the lesson, and can reference the standards as needed.

Dos and Don'ts to reduce bullying

Interactive eBook

The interactive eBook is an accessible, digital version of the text and is available in English and Spanish. In addition, the eBook:

  • Enables students to answer questions directly within the text to keep them engaged with the content.
  • Features supporting media resources—like the Health eSpotlight videos in every lesson—to give students a deeper understanding of the material.
  • Provides vocabulary definitions at point-of-use.
  • Allows students to highlight or annotate important points in the text.
The Health Risks of Drug Use

Practicing and Applying Health Skills

Each lesson features activities and resources that enable students to practice and apply the health skills they’ve learned. These activities are coded to help you provide all students with differentiated instruction based on their ability level. 

Examples of these include:

  • Reading Essentials. 
  • Health Skills Practice.  
  • Reteaching Activities.  
  • Enrichment Activities.  
  • Reading Strategy Activities.  
  • Note-Taking Support.  
  • Academic Integration.  

Downloadable PDFs can be assigned and completed within the online course or downloaded and printed to accommodate a variety of instructional styles and classroom formats.

The Health Risks of Drug Use


Glencoe Health features a variety of formative and summative assessments to measure student progress and understanding. Additionally, Glencoe Health allows you to edit, customize, and even create your own assessments based on your own criteria.

Standardized versions of these assessments are embedded in each lesson for your use:

  • Lesson Review: Available in the print text or can be assigned for students to complete within the eBook.
  • Lesson Quiz: A fillable PDF that can be downloaded and printed or assigned within the digital experience.
  • Module Assessments: Available within the print text or to be assigned within the eBook, this assessment covers all the lessons in a particular module.
  • Standardized Test Practice: Available within the print text or to be assigned within the eBook, this test provides students with an opportunity to practice for state and national exams to improve their testing skills.

Using the features within the Assessment Menu of the digital experience, you can:

  • Access and edit pre-made assessments for each lesson.
  • Choose from dozens of questions for each module in the Question Bank to develop your own assessments.
  • Create your own questions to add to the Question Bank.
  • Assign your custom assessments within the digital experience for students to complete online.
  • Print assessments to distribute in the classroom.
Assessment examples

Teacher's Edition

Glencoe Health empowers you to customize instruction to accommodate a broad range of teaching and learning styles. Its Teacher's Edition is available in print and within the digital experience. It also features a wraparound design conveniently aligned with each page of the student text and provides comprehensive lesson plans, teaching suggestions, supplemental information, cross-references, and more. The concise and easy-to-follow lesson plans offer a wide variety of instructional strategies to motivate and support students as teachers introduce, teach, assess, and reinforce concepts. 

Activities and instructional strategies featured in Glencoe Health

  • Reading Strategy Activities: Help teach reading skills and vocabulary.  
  • Critical Thinking Strategies: Allow students to apply and extend what they have learned.  
  • Universal Access Activities: Provide differentiated instruction for students learning to speak English and suggestions for teaching various types of learners.
  • Health Skills Practice Activities: Reinforce health skills concepts and help students apply them in their everyday lives.
  • Writing Supports: Provide writing opportunities that help students comprehend the text.
  • Cultural Awareness Activities: Promote sensitivity and understanding of other cultures.
  • Active Learning Strategies: Offer a variety of activities for presenting lesson content, including engaging classroom projects that get students actively involved.
Glencoe Health, Teacher's Edition examples

Teacher Resources

Glencoe Health is designed to offer you the resources and the flexibility needed to reach all learners and teach your way whether you are in a traditional, digital, or blended learning environment. Additionally, Glencoe Health can be fully integrated with Google Classroom® and features a variety of resources and tools to help you manage your classroom, including:

  • PowerPoint presentations for every lesson that can be downloaded, edited, and printed.  

  • Answer keys for all activities featured within the program.  

  • Hands-On Health videos that can be used as engaging in-class activities or to support you on how to do an activity.  
  • A Teacher Presentation option that allows you to add any resources (eBook, activities, PowerPoint presentation, teacher-added resources, etc.) into a presentation, which can then be easily rearranged and customized for student streaming.

  • The ability to add your own resources or content (e.g., YouTube videos, news articles, etc.) to each lesson or teacher presentation.