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Every learning institution has different needs, and sometimes those needs change. Whether you are starting fresh, in a transitional period, or continuing to build on your own success, McGraw Hill offers core and supplemental curriculum solutions that can support you in your mission of reaching all learners.

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Corrective Reading

Intervention: 3–12

Corrective Reading provides intensive instruction of critical skills and strategies to optimize learning for students whose reading difficulties place them one or more years behind their peers.

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Early Interventions in Reading

Intervention: K–3

Early Interventions in Reading provides students who could benefit from intervention with lessons that build mastery of essential skills through explicit, systematic instruction while working comfortably with your core reading program.

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Early Interventions in Reading Consumables

Intervention: K–3

This collection of Early Interventions in Reading consumable materials includes Student Activity Books for learners in grades kindergarten through first grade who could benefit from intervention.

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Supplemental: K–5

Mirroring the instructional plans, themes, skills, and strategies of the core Wonders program, Maravillas is a fully equitable Spanish language arts curriculum that supports students as they become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural.

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Open Court Reading®

Core: K–5

With a legacy of success spanning over 50 years, Open Court Reading provides the proven literacy curriculum and resources districts need to meet rigorous standards and help teachers develop strong readers, writers, and thinkers.

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Open Court Reading ELD Kit

Supplemental: K–5

The Open Court Reading English Language Development Kit teaches basic vocabulary for school and home while providing four levels of differentiated instruction that enable students to participate in daily classroom activities.

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Open Court Reading Foundational Skill Kit

Supplemental: K–3

The Open Court Reading Foundational Skills Kit provides classroom-proven, systematic, explicit instruction to help students learn the basics of reading and writing and progress to reading and comprehending more complex texts..

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Open Court Reading Word Analysis Kit

Supplemental: 4–5

The Open Court Reading Word Analysis Skills Kit is filled with cards, cubes, and stickers that help students develop critical word analysis skills, enabling them to shift from learning foundational skills to reading more complex texts with ease.

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Phonemic Awareness

Supplemental: PreK–1

Phonemic Awareness helps ensure all students progress into fluent, confident readers with 110 15-minute lessons featuring activities that follow the developmental sequence for teaching all levels of phonological awareness.

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Reading Laboratory®

Supplemental: K–12

Reading Laboratory lets you develop confident readers through supplemental and personalized K–12 reading content that ensures each student is working at the appropriate level and moving ahead at their own pace.

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Reading Mastery® Transformations

Intervention: K–5

Reading Mastery Transformations, an evidence-based Direct Instruction program, is a comprehensive K–5 ELA curriculum proven to raise reading performance for a wide range of students, including special populations.

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Redbird® Language Arts & Writing

Supplemental: 2–7

Redbird Language Arts & Writing leverages adaptive technology and a student-centered, personalized learning model to tailor instruction, accelerate learning, and empower students to achieve their full potential as writers.

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Supplemental: K–8

Designed to address unfinished learning, Rise empowers students to architect their own learning pathways with adaptive, supplemental practice for K–8 Math and ELA and learn at a pace that promotes understanding.

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Spelling Mastery

Intervention: 1–6

Help your students develop and master key spelling skills. Spelling Mastery teaches students dependable spelling skills by blending phonemic, morphemic, and whole-word approaches.

Study Sync®

Core: 6–12

StudySync is a comprehensive curriculum designed to captivate with an unparalleled selection of culturally diverse literature, elevate with differentiation, and provide you with the flexibility to teach your way.

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Supplemental: 6–12

SyncBlasts offer current events, science, and social studies channels with daily reading and writing assignments that allow students to engage in thoughtful discussions while developing key critical thinking, writing, and research skills.


Core: K–5

Wonders is an evidence-based K–5 ELA program that offers students unparalleled active learning opportunities as you empower them to express and assess themselves through reading, writing, and speaking.


Intervention: K–6

WonderWorks is designed to drive student achievement by connecting focused, research-based strategies for intervention with the content of the Wonders core program to rapidly accelerate learners back to grade-level standards.

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World of Wonders®

Core: PreK

World of Wonders prepares early learners for kindergarten by building a strong foundation for early literacy and social-emotional skills with developmentally appropriate instruction and cross-curricular activities.