Reading Mastery Transformations:
​ A Reading Intervention Program for All Learners

Reading Mastery, an evidence-based Direct Instruction program, is a comprehensive K–5 English Language Arts intervention solution proven to raise reading performance for a wide range of students, including special populations. Educators use Reading Mastery to explicitly and systematically teach key foundational literacy skills and how to read, comprehend, and write narrative and informational text of increasing complexity—while building oral language fluency skills.

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Build Students' Confidence Cycle​

The system of consistent instructional routines, scripted lessons, and built-in behavioral management drives performance through increased teacher interactions that intentionally engage and motivate learners while minimizing distractions. As the instructional leader, the teacher observes multiple learners simultaneously and ensures that each student engages with the content and reaches skill mastery.


Teacher Digital Center​

The innovative design of Reading Mastery makes it easy to implement for special education, as a tiered solution, or a score ELA curriculum in a turnaround model. Robust teaching experience includes​

  • Integrated reading, language arts, and spelling instruction​
  • Point-of-use professional learning​
  • Online assessment and reporting​
  • Just-in-time remediation​

Student Textbooks ​

Includes engaging narrative and informational text builds key foundational skills and supports learners' reading earlier and more often.​


Coursework prepares learners for high-stakes tests, identifies mastered skills, measures achievement, and targets essential remediations. ​

  • Print assessment for students​
  • Digital data collection and Reporting for teachers

Online Sampling Experience

Explore our print and digital resources to learn how Reading Mastery Transformations builds key foundational skills and motivates all leaners to achieve mastery.

Overview Brochure
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Walkthrough Video
Tour the Digital Teacher's Instruction and Whole Class Display​​

Walkthrough Flyer
Step-by-step getting started instructions​​

Sampler Grades K–2
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Sampler Grades 3–5
Explore sample chapters

Sample Program Online
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